Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We have Hope! Hope that someday *sooner* rather than later Jimmie's beautiful face will be free from his tube. Hope that Jimmie will once again be able to suck and swallow. Hope that Jimmie will eat enough by mouth to grow on. Hope that was given to us today from the Lord through a new doctor who's initial is most appropriately "H"! (-:

Dr. H was exactly what Rachael has been looking for. They walked in to his small waiting room today and he ushered them back into a big room where they all just plopped down on the floor and played with Jimmie while they discussed everything. Dr. H. thought Jimmie looked wonderful. He saw no other issues with Jimmie developmentally other than his feeding problem. He charted Jimmie on the special preemie growth chart. Jimmie is tall and thin. He is in the 75th percentile in height (25 inches) and 10 percentile in weight (12lbs 3ozs). Dr. H. saw no problem with this and feels Jimmie will just naturally be a skinny kid. Dr. H. would like to see Rachael start fortifying again in the future for calcium purposes (for Jimmie's bones), but for now they will focus on weaning first.

The plan: (Yes folks there is finally A PLAN!!!!) Jimmie will go back on Zantac to make sure that indeed everything is healed and he's not hurting as they try to wean. Monday morning after Jimmie's 3:30am feed they will take out the tube. If after 12 hours Jimmie has taken absolutely nothing by mouth they will consult on the phone and possibly wait until the 18th hour before resorting to the tube again. They are to call Dr. H. before they put the tube back in though. He is not worried right now about a little bit of weight loss- only dehydration. Dr. H. feels this may take a few times of letting Jimmie go for 12 to 18 hours not taking in much- rehydrate and then try again. He is totally impressed with Rachael and feels completely confident weaning Jimmie this way with the kind of mother Rachael is. (Nothing gets by her! And I mean nothin!)

Dr. H's wife is an OT and she came in and looked at Jimmie while they were there and gave Rachael some great tips to help Jimmie regain his suck. Thus far, despite asking, this is the first time an OT has offered suggestions about this.

Dr. H. is not worried about Jimmie's brain-- the Neo's other places keep talking about how Jimmie isn't gaining fast enough and that this time right now is crucial for brain development and that he needs to be gaining better. Dr. H. says that because Rachael is exclusively breast feeding there is no need to worry about this at all. He says breast milk feeds the brain better than anything! This was so great for Rachael to hear and affirming of the way she's been thinking. He was very supportive and encouraging about Rachael's persistence with the breast milk!

As far as prognosis . .? Dr. H. says he has seen kids like Jimmie, but not very many. He says at Jimmie's age the right time is NOW! If they wait too much longer it just gets harder and harder. He said that as far as other attempts at weaning like this he's been moderately successful. We are hoping that Jimmie is a strike in his success column. This is not going to be easy for Jimmie or Rachael and Justin so please pray for strength. Pray that Jimmie's mind will be renewed by the Lord. Pray that Jimmie will be safe and healthy as well.

Hope is tasting very sweet today for Rachael and Justin. Rachael was so excited and relieved that she fought back tears throughout the appointment. We are grateful to Jimmie's wonderful pediatrician Dr. S. for finding and referring Jimmie to Dr. H.

Lets all really ramp up our efforts in prayer for Jimmie as they prepare for this weaning attempt. Thank you for fighting for Jimmie!



  1. What an amazing picture-and I think the picture itself should be called "hope"

    God bless you in your new venture with the weaning!

    Denise & Shannon F.

  2. That picture is the sweetest!!! Continuing our prayers for Jimmie, Rachael, and Justin.

    May God shower rich blessings on you!

    The Tandys

  3. Wonderful news! I'm so happy! That picture is soo cute, I love it! Praying...

  4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you! For the new doctor and for the plan he has for Jimmie! Prayers are coming your way jimmie! It won't be easy road but you all will get through it!!! That pic made huge smile on my face :)))))))))))) CUTE and HAPPY!!!!


    misha and fam

  5. that is so awesome to hear!!!!!!! i am so thankful that God put this doctor in your lives. we will be praying for strength in the weeks to come. what great news, i was crying tears of joy for you! FINALLY, A PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Awesome!!!! Grace to you guys! Praying! (I'm a friend of Camilla's by the way. :) )

  7. What GREAT news!! Oh my goodness, how wonderful! Praying that this plan is THE one - finally - and is successful. :)

    Take care,

  8. That all sounds so great. Praise the Lord for Dr. H. I must agree that the best thing for brain development is breast milk as well as Jimme's attachment. Through your writings it is obvious that Jimmie has a great attachment to Rachel and Justin. He is such a fighter I think he will do wonderfully!

  9. Great news!! YAY!!! We'll continue praying for all of you in this new endeavor. We'll pray that the process goes quickly and is successful.

    That picture of Jimmie is gorgeous!! Thanks for the update and the smile.

    Lots of love to you all,
    Adrian and Janelle

  10. Yeah!! What wonderful news! We will ramp up our prayers for the little man and the whole family that this process is as smooth as possible.

    Could that picture be ANY cuter? No- it couldn't it is the cutest picture I have ever seen : )

    The Voss Family

  11. This is indeed wonderful news, but it is going to be very hard for the next few days. Stay strong and rely on each other. You are all in my prayers. I am happy that you found this amazing doctor.

    Kathy Barnes

  12. Praise God! I know that He wants us all to learn something from this trial. God has been so awesome in giving the world this little (BIG) mircle called Jimmie!

    I pray that Rachael and Justin can find some peace and rest in this. Rest well in God's grace tonight, dear ones!

  13. God Bless! What happy, happy news. I have a huge smile on my face...HOPE, indeed! Thank you for this wonderful update. We continue to pray for Jimmie.

  14. How about some pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Gravitt? I know they playing a big part of raising this beautiful baby! I love, love, love his smile!

    Kathy Barnes

  15. I love this pic melt your heart!!!