Monday, October 26, 2009

Today Is The Day

Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement! Today is the big day. I have not spoken with Rachael yet, but if everything is going according to plan the tube came out after Jimmie's 3:30am feed. Dr. H. called Rachael yesterday just to check in before today and to encourage her. That was unexpected and so great. He said he thought that Rachael ought to give Jimmie some tylenol today for any throat pain he may have. The irritation from the tube coming out is usually painful. We don't want Jimmie to have any reason not to eat.

We want massive prayers going up for Jimmie today, that he would eat and DRINK. Please also add Rachael and Justin to your prayers. They are both going to be home today, but unfortunately Rachael *is* sick. She is running a low grade fever, has a sore throat, headache and really bad earache. Please pray for her that she gets healthy quickly and that no one else (especially Jimmie) gets this. Very unfortunate timing that Rachael would get sick right now.

Eat Jimmie eat. Go Jimmie go!!


P.S. I will update more today as I hear from Rachael!


  1. Praying that everyone will have peace from on High, and that Jimmie will be blessed with the desire and ability to eat and drink!

    The Tandys

  2. We are headed to church now to ask all of the angels and saints to intercede on Mr Jimmie's behalf. God Bless you all.

  3. praying for Jimmie Jim Jim. I hope that you start feeling better Rachael. We pray that God gives Jimmie strength and courage to eat without the tube! GO JIMMIE GO!!!!

  4. PRAYING!!!! Lord be with you all in this...