Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Boy

This is the latest evaluation from one of Jimmie's therapist's:

Weight bearing and bouncing. Great eye contact.
Looks back at mom.
Cooing and now screaming ahh.
Rolling over from tummy to back. Trying to
Pivots on tummy. Some prop sitting - briefly.
Loves saucer.
Activates toys bats at them brings to his mouth.
Nice head control.
Likes to walk and really watches the dogs.
Looks at pictures and tries
to pats pics. Really responds to mom.
Imitates some mouth action.
Sleeping better.
Usually happy. Pats at legs. Some vocal play.
an item and drops it.

Things to work on:
Transferring items between hands
Holding two items.
Imitation of actions: banging toys together. Clapping
Supported sitting.
Core muscle activities- put on hip, have straddle your leg and keep
his balance.
Start looking for partially hidden objects.
Looking for person when name mentioned - mama dada
Starting to hear more sounds - baba mama dada
Looks/turns to name."

So Jimmie is doing very well physically and developmentally. He is gaining weight very slowly though. Rachael is trying to remain positive and not fixate on that. So many preemie mom's have told her they wish they had not been so obsessively concerned over weight gain. As long as Jimmie continues to grow and develop normally we are fine with him being small for a while.

We are still waiting for Dr. S. to find someone who will help with a tube weaning attempt. Dr. S. and Rachael had a conversation a few days ago and he was planning to call the doctor he knows who left Children's Mercy's feeding clinic and struck out on his own. Dr. S. expressed some frustration that mirrors Rachael's in that he just feels like this is not his area of expertise and is not confident to wean Jimmie on his own.(Neither is Rachael-duh!) He also feels like Rachael does in regards to Children's very conservative approach on weaning. Rachael feels supported, but her frustration is not lessened because she is all about results! (-:

Rachael could also use prayers still for her moods. She is struggling with really intense mood swings. One moment she'll be way way down and then in the same day she'll be up and totally fine. It's exhausting for her and Justin and everyone close by... Over all though she feels she is learning to recognize these moods and is trying really hard to limit their effect. Just keep praying for her- I feel we are going in the right direction with this just slowly and painfully...

Jimmie still will pretty much only eat sweet potatoes! He's not turning orange yet. He does however get cuter and cuter and cuter by the day. Thanks dad for the awesome pictures!

Crazy beautiful!

It should be illegal to be this cute!

Jimmie giggling.

I love this gorgeous boy!

Jimmie and Pa.

Thank you for praying for Justin, Rachael and Jimmie!



  1. that's great! he really sounds like he's developing wonderfully! those pictures are great, his smile just lights up his whole face. i don't think that i could ever get tired of looking at jimmie pictures!!
    will be praying for you rachael!

  2. Man he has his mama's eyes so cute and her dimple's lol cute cute cute

  3. Sorry we haven't posted for a while. We're finally on the road to recovery! We're praying that you all manage to stay healthy.

    Jimmie's such a gorgeous baby. I LOVE the pictures!! We're so happy that he's doing so well developmentally. We'll keep praying for him, Rachael and Justin, and everybody else.

    We love you all! Give him kisses for us.
    Adrian and Janelle

  4. Boy Oh Boy does he ever have the bluest of eyes. Those pics were too cute for words. He seems to have matured quite a bit since I was on last and looked at any pics that were attached to the blog.

    Keep thinking happy thoughts, he's looking so good. His mom must be doing some wonderful stuff to have such a cute kid. Keep your head up Rachel .... I know how it can be hard on us moms emotionally when we see our kids struggle. Just think it will make you all that much more thankful in years to come, after going through all of these trial and tribulations. They make you that much stronger too.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  5. Love all the great comments from the therapist...YEA! And those photos...that Jimmie is a really handsome dude, who is getting bigger and bigger, by the way!

    Prayers for peace in your hearts!!! And...fat, yummy, eating by mouth prayers fro Big Mr. Jimmie!

  6. Amber you amazing. You have been so good at keeping us informed. Rachael I am sorry for all of the mood swings. I think I worry more about you than I do Jimmy. I wish the doctors could give you something to help you throught these rough times. Concentrate on the good things that he is doing, I promise he will get bigger, we all do.

    Kathy Barnes