Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weaning Revised

Rachael hasn't actually taken Jimmie to Dr. H. yet- that will happen later this morning. However Rachael did talk to Dr. H. late last night about Jimmie. He now has a wet sounding cough as well as a runny nose. Rachael gave him some tylenol in the night because he was having a really hard time sleeping. Dr. H. advised Rachael not to pull the tube this morning.

Dr. H. is thinking that if Jimmie continues to handle being sick as well as he has so far that they can just kind of revise their plan a bit. Today they will most likely leave the tube in, but continue to aggressively work with Jimmie on feeding by mouth. Then Rachael will tube feed as she feels Jimmie needs it, but not necessarily a full feed or every 3 hours. If Dr. H. feels- after looking over Jimmie this morning- that he needs more of a medical check-up, i.e. a look in Jimmie's ears and an oxygen sat test, then Rachael will take Jimmie to their regular pediatrician Dr. S.

Rachael said yesterday was hard, but that she's not giving up yet. (-:

Thank you so much for your support and prayers! I'll update again this evening.



  1. Rachael - Keep it up! You are doing an excellent job - you are a great mother! Your instincts are always spot on. Jimmie CAN do this...Jimmie WILL do this. The tube is almost gone...we can feel it - even here in CA!
    Our prayers for all of you continue! God's Love to you!

  2. well, i hope that jimmie gets over this cold quickly! i am glad that Dr. H is such a good doctor and that JImmie has such good parents!