Thursday, October 29, 2009

Better Sucking Reflex

Jimmie had a coughing fit this morning where he was choking and couldn't catch his breath. It kind of scared Rachael a little so she and Justin took him in to the Pediatrician to get him looked over. Dr. S. was busy so the NP took a look at Jimmie. Everything looks good. So far Jimmie is handling his first sickness really well. His lungs are clear, his ears look good, his oxygen saturation is high 90's and he isn't feverish. So the NP isn't concerned at all. Rachael and Justin will obviously continue to watch and monitor Jimmie very closely until his symptoms go away.

As far as feeding today Rachael has left the tube in and isn't pushing Jimmie at all because she doesn't want to further stress him. Jimmie however has been showing much more interest and is trying on his own to suck his bottle or sippy. Rachael said she's noticing that his tongue seems to be placed better and that his attempts are improving. He's not really improving any on volume yet, but she hopes that will follow.

She also said that he is now rolling from his back to his stomach (he's been rolling from his stomach to his back for a few weeks) and sitting with a little bit of front support. He also tries to sit up from lying flat on his back! He can't really get up, but it looks like he's doing a sit up.

Keep praying for our Jimmie Jim Jim to get over his cold safely and quickly.

As soon as Rachael feels Jimmie has recovered from this cold they will start the weaning process again in earnest.

Thank you so much for praying.


P.S. Just in case you follow Mckmama's blog and are unaware . . . Stellan needs your prayers right now. He is back in the PICU struggling with SVT, on his 1st birthday. )-:


  1. whoo hoo! showing interest is GOOD! hopefully he'll get over his cold soon and you can get back to the plan of weaning him!
    always praying!
    and praying for little Stellan sad to read about him getting hospitalized again.

  2. How great that he's trying and interested!! Praise the Lord he's doing well with this sickness. And more rolling over! He's going to start getting into everything soon.

    We'll keep praying for all of you! Hope you're feeling better, Rachael!!

    Lots and lots of love,

  3. Great! Hope Jimmie's interest soon grows into a food obsession :) Praying for a healthy household, NO SICKNESS!!!