Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gaining Weight And Follower #100

Jimmie is gaining weight!! Rachael has been doing everything I talked about to give Jimmie fatty milk. She's also been able to increase his intake to 105mls and he's taking it over 45 minutes instead of an hour!

Yesterday he was up to 11lbs 2ozs. Keep praying!

Hopefully on Monday we will get the results of the biopsies that were taken during the endoscopy. And also the results of the ph study. Rachael is expecting the biopsies to come back negative for anything and the ph study to be positive for reflux. But she's anxiously waiting to know for sure.

After the results are in Rachael will be anxious to come up with a plan of action to get rid of the NG and help Jimmie eat by mouth again. He is back on the Prevacid. He was very uncomfortable without it during the ph study. So now we know that is definitely helping. However he had a great appetite while he was off the Prevacid and now that he's back on- no hunger drive again.

Jimmie has not taken anything by nipple for quite a while now. Since before the endoscopy I think. He did however take some breast milk by spoon last night and enjoyed that. He'll be 4 months adjusted age at the end of this month and at the point Rachael may introduce some rice cereal . . .

Jimmie has some new tricks that Rach will hopefully get on video soon. If you put something against his feet he can push off and scoot across the floor. He pulls forward with his arms. He also tap dances! (-: And I still haven't heard his belly laugh!

I'm so happy that you Tracy were our 100th follower!! I believe you've brought me to tears in the past at least once with a very touching comment. This comment had no name, but was this you Tracy? It was under the "Happy 40 Weeks" post.

"The greatest heights of joy to Jimmie's wonderful family and friends! We will always pray for him. We will never forget his journey. I am a preemie mom who went on strict hospital bed rest at 24 weeks gestation and was able to hold on until 34 weeks. I left the hospital on day 68 and my little boy only spent 8 days in the NICU. The miracle of Jimmie's journey has been an important part of the healing process for our family. Everyone here wants to know how Jimmie is...he's touched so many lives. He reminds us to stay strong. He reminds us of the power of prayer. God is so good! Thank you for sharing his story...and thank you for the updates. We will continue to follow him...
God bless you."

Thank you Tracy for your support and prayers and many blessing to your children and family!

Thank you to everyone- for your prayers and support! We are so blessed by you all.



  1. Keep on chunkin' up Jimmie! What a cute little boy!

  2. Yep, that was me. We are big fans of Jimmie! I also occasionally post about how great breaskmilk is, too. My first, who was full term (37 weeks gestation), had reflux, and my milk was all he could take. Nursing was exhausting and lengthy...sometimes more than 1 hr. and 30 mins. The refulux slowly went away at around 10 or 11 months. We used Zantac to control it.
    My little guy is a hearty eater, but a slow grower. He's not on the growth chart anymore, so we are using olive oil (added to solids) to fatten him up. At 10 months, he is barely 17 lbs.
    So...lots of fat prayers, breastmilk prayers, sanity prayers and Jimmie and all of you.