Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Results

The results of Jimmie's endoscopy, the biopsies and the ph study were all good! As you know the endoscopy showed no physical abnormalities. We got the results yesterday from the biopsies and they also showed no abnormalities just a slight inflammation of the lining of his stomach. For this they recommend keeping him on the prevacid. We also heard yesterday about the ph study results and those were "minor reflux". Jimmie's reflux is getting better!!! What all of this means is that Jimmie is not a candidate for the fundo procedure and he'll only be a candidate for the g-tube if we can't get him to start eating by mouth.

So Rachael spoke with the Neo's today and they will start trying to take Jimmie off the NG tube. Starting tomorrow they are going to pull the tube for 48 hours. Jimmie is supposed to take 107 mls (at the very least 65 mls) every 3 hours. She's not supposed offer him any food until 3 hours has passed. She is to keep a detailed journal and call in with his weight on Monday.

Rachael will try their plan first. She has some doubts about it, but she'll give it a good go. She wants us to pray that Jimmie will shape up and eat by mouth! If Children's weaning process doesn't work- before she resorts to a g tube, she has one more resource she has researched. I'll talk more about that if she ends up going that route.

So our next big goal and prayer request for Jimmie is to get him eating by mouth. No more tube! No more tube! No more tube! (-:

The next few weeks may be hard and stressful for Justin and Rachael as they attempt to wean Jimmie from the tube. Please pray for them too.

As always- thank you so much for fighting for Jimmie.



  1. Great news! We'll keep praying! Eat Jimmie, eat!

  2. Praying for Jimmie to eat by mouth!

  3. Happy Birthday Rachael! (9-24) We are praying that Jimmie eats well without the tube today. We are so glad to hear the ph study results are good!
    The Barkleys

  4. That's great to hear!! We're praying that all goes well. Remember, if he doesn't want to suck from a bottle, you can always try spoons, syringes, etc. Maybe he'll enjoy the changes!

    We love you and are praying not only for him, but for you all, too!!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle