Monday, September 14, 2009

Saucer Fun, NICU Reunion, Endoscopy Tomorrow

A few nights ago I cleaned up this airplane saucer that our kids loved and took it over to Jimmie. He felt so big when Rachael put him in there.

He was so pleased. He could stand on his skinny little legs all by himself.

He reached for the little things around him and was very focused.

While he was in there he had a huge poopy that went up his back and stomach. He ended up in the bath.

"Yes, Grandma Kathy- I knoooooooow . . . I'm so big and so cute. But wait until you discover this mess in my britches. " (-:

Funnily enough Rachael says every time she has put Jimmie in there he has a massive poop. Fun! He's getting his legs working and moving which gets his bowels moving too. That's a good thing. I have the most legendary poop story ever involving this saucer and my son Cole, but I'll spare you all. (-:

Jimmie please forgive me for spilling the beans, but seriously when you were in the NICU we prayed "poop prayers" for you!

And here's a little video treat for you. Jimmie LIVE in his saucer.

He actually loves it when Rachael wipes his mouth! Wow-- a kid that likes that?? Well- for now at least . . . He just seems to find it very curious and amusing.

Saturday Overland Park Regional had a NICU reunion outside at a park. Rachael was so excited to go and see how everyone was doing. She said everybody was doing great, but that everyone had some sort of medical issue they were dealing with. Which of course is to be expected. While Jimmie was in the NICU Rachael made friends with quite a few moms and - of course- came to personally care for their children and what they were going through as well. It was very special for Rachael to see everybody.

Even NNP Susan from Antepartum was there! She rocks! (-: And Kara- Rach is totally bummed she missed you. She would have loved to visit with you and show off her little man.

Rachael has taken all formula completely out of Jimmie's diet for the first time EVER. This was per Rachael not the Doctors. Although she has been keeping them "in the know". He has always had bottles fortified with formula. He is doing so good! He has no excess mucous! He is not puking at all which is huge and he is so much happier during feedings. Rachael has also been able to successfully increase his amounts that he's taking in per feeding. She also stopped the Prevacid per doctors orders. They want it all out of his system for the PH study. And since she stopped the Prevacid he has had much more of an appetite. He has never really shown much of a hunger drive as of late. Perhaps that's one of the ways the Prevacid is adversely effecting him. So far he hasn't been refluxing or in pain.

This is all so great . . .

Buuuuuut (sad I know), Jimmie is still not eating by mouth AND (BUT #2) He's not gaining weight.

The GI doctor hopes to get answers with the endoscopy . . .

Please please please pray tomorrow for our precious little man. He's supposed to be at Children's at 11:30am tomorrow. His endoscopy will happen soon after that. He will have to be fully sedated and he may be intubated as well. He will be there for at least 24 hours because they are also doing the PH study. And because of his chronic lung disease (all preemies have it) they will need to monitor his oxygen levels as he recovers from the sedation effects. We will be so glad to have this over with. Just pray that he would handle the sedation and the procedure well. And that we would get some answers.

I will update as soon as I hear how the procedure went. It could be a couple hours before we hear anything. There may be some immediate results, but there could also be a bit of a wait for any testing that is sent off to a lab.

I have to be honest, I have anxiety about surgical procedures. It's probably that we've had to do this twice with my daughter. It's just all around "not cool". Putting your precious child in the arms of strangers and waiting in the waiting room for word. Then the relief of knowing they are ok and in recovery quickly switches to a crazy desire to get to their bedside and grab them up and hold them close. But your not allowed to go to them while they are in recovery which really sucks! I just hate this!!!

Rachael seems a bit less dramatic (then me) about it. (-: But still she is really not looking forward to this whole thing.

Please pray!

We are so thankful that you all continue to fight for Jimmie.



  1. Praying that the endoscopy goes well and that you get some answers!!

    Yeah - I saw you all from afar and it actually took me a minute to place Rachel... I told my co-worker I was going to go say hi to someone and walked over - but by that time she was with the group pictured above and I didn't want to interrupt. I thought no big deal, our table was kind-of on the "way out" so I figured she'd walk by later anyway - I kept looking for black shirts after that - but she snuck out!! :(

    Take care - continued prayers not just for the endoscopy but for Jimmie's health.


  2. What gorgeous pictures!! We LOVE them!

    We're praying for ALL of you tomorrow: Jimmie, Justin and Rachel, Grandparents, Doctors, etc... We love you all so much!!!

    "In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust...". -Psalm 71:1a

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. What a great happy post and the pics - ohhh, how cuuuuuute!!! I will be praying extra hard for Jimmie tomorrow! Hopefuly it will bring some answers!



  4. he looks so cute in the saucer! and, Maddy always has massive poopies whenever she is in her jumperoo. i can always count on that! well, i will definitely be praying that everything goes well tomorrow. glad that rachael got a day to reconnect with some of the NICU mommies, that is great. love you all and i will see you in a few days.

  5. sending up lots of prayers for jimmie this morning. i hope it goes quickly so you all have very little time to worry!

  6. Praying that all goes well today for Jimmie!! :)

  7. Awww! He is soooooo cute! Praying that everything goes well today!