Monday, September 21, 2009


Rachael took Jimmie to a Naturopathic Doctor today. (Lets call her Dr. C. ) Mom found this Doctor and Rachael took the initiative to make an appointment. Rachael has let all of Jimmie's Doctors know that they were on there way to a Naturopath . . .

Dr. S - Jimmie's Pediatrician - is supportive. He wants to work together though, he doesn't want it to be a "them versus us" type situation. Rachael is in complete agreement. She doesn't want that either.

What she does want is to know that she has done absolutely everything in her power to help her son before they resort to surgery.

So with Dr. C and her expertise leading the way. They are going to test Rachael's blood for food allergies. She may end up on a pretty strict diet. She will go back to all fresh breast milk, but give Jimmie the hind milk only. She is going to take Omega 3 fatty acids and some other supplements. Jimmie is going to be put on enzymes and probiotics. Hopefully Dr. S will recommend Dr. C so that insurance will cover this. Pray that will be the case.

When Jimmie first developed reflux we were told the valve in his stomach is just weak because of his prematurity. But the more we thought about it the more that just didn't sit quite right. Our question, "Then why did he not have reflux all along?" He developed this a little before he was 4 months old- back in June. If it truly was just a bad/weak valve why did he do fine for a GOOD 3 months??!

This is why Dr. C is highly suspicious of food allergies. This is also why we are now going to try enzymes for Jimmie and all of these other things.

We are still anxiously waiting for the biopsy results from Jimmie's endoscopy.

Jimmie took some milk by mouth yesterday using a sippy cup. He was so excited about it and so were we. Then today he doesn't want anything to do with it. Little stinker. (-:

So there are possibly some big changes afoot in Jimmie's medical care. All as a last ditch effort before resorting to a fundo and a g tube. Pray it all works. Because right now we are just treating symptoms. Rachael is not ok with leaving him on this NG tube. We really want him to go back to eating by mouth. He is not in horrible pain anymore with his feeds as long as he's on breastmilk and prevacid. So he needs to get off that tube.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers!



  1. Let's get that tube out!!!
    There's some good info about breast milk fat content at
    I also take an EPA/DHA supplement (Metagenics EPA DHA Extra Strength enteric coasted) and probiotics (Metagenics Flora Plus DF capsules) and I give the kids Udo's Choice Infant's Probiotic. I hope I don't offend anyone, but I also eat a lot of meat (and veggies and fruit, too). Greek yogurt (full fat) has been good for me. And I drink a small glass of beer a few times a week (always Guinness or something). I never feel like I have a good pumping experience when I eat's just how it seems to me.
    We, too, have had mixed result with the sippy cup...I think it's their age (and our preemie is now almost 10 months). I works about half the time, and I have no idea why. He won't take a bottle either.
    Does Rachael ever use a sling to keep Jimmie close to her breast (and nursing at his leisure?) I know the position may not work out (since he would be in cradle), but it might be worth a try. I use a Baby K'tan (available at and sometimes a Maya Wrap.
    We continue to pray...

  2. I just thought of something else...Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother's Milk tea. I try to drink 2 big sups per day (one in the morning and one at night). I used to drink more, but I think that it gave me too much foremilk. It's available at

  3. Thinking about you guys. Hoping Dr. C's ideas help and are just what Jimmie needs! I think it's great that his doctors are working together.

    Take care,