Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jimmie The Brave

I went up to the hospital this evening for a very quick visit. I got there at 8:35pm and visiting hours are over with at 9pm. I snapped a few pictures.

Jimmie was pretty subdued. Justin said he was definitely not handing out his smiles like usual.

But Jimmie was still being "Jimmie"!

Despite being hooked to the PH probe machine

A sat monitor . . .

And an i.v. in his little hand . . .

He was still my bright eyed curious . . .

funny and BRAVE little man!

He kept making that face. It was so cute!

The results of the biopsy could take up to a week to come in.

The PH study is going on right now. He has to lay flat for 12 hours and be sitting for 12 hours. Every time he exhibits a reflux symptom someone has to push a button on that little machine and then log it. He also is being fed over 30 minutes instead of the usual hour. This PH study is supposed to be the "golden ticket" for diagnosing reflux. We already got that diagnosis with the upper GI, but doctors are big on information gathering and this definitely gives a lot of information. It'll document how many times he refluxes in a 24 hour period and what his acid levels are.

Jimmie has been fussy today, but not hysterical. He has a lot of gas from the procedure. He was intubated during the sedation and of course the probe went down his throat and biopsies of his tissue were taken and now he has the PH probe down his throat, so I'm SURE his throat hurts.

Poor guy. Rachael and Justin are holding up. They are just very matter of fact about this whole thing. It needs to be done for them to get anywhere from here with Jimmie's issues. If Rachael and Justin and the Doctors were to decide to give Jimmie a G-Tube in the future an endoscopy would be a required procedure before having that done. So they feel like they are just getting things out of the way. It has been a long hard day, but we are all very grateful to God that Jimmie has handled everything so well! He has really done great!

Pray that their night goes alright and that Jimmie is comfortable enough to get some good rest. He is so exhausted.

Thank you for being Jimmie's prayer warriors!



  1. That is one awesome kid!

  2. poor lil guy! i am sure he is tired of being poked and prodded, but we all know it's necessary. that face is great!!! i am glad that he is such a trooper, as well as Rachael and Justin too! love to all of you!

  3. Poor baby. =( He's too cute, though. I love that face!! His little toes are soooooo cute!! What is it about baby toes that make them so adorable?

    We'll keep on praying. We love you lots and lots!!!!

    Hugs and kisses,
    Adrian and Janelle