Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day

Sorry for the broken promise to post yesterday. My two kiddos have been sick which equals lots of work and little sleep.

So on labor day my mom's side of the family had a big "get together". Rachael and Justin decided to try to have a normal day and attend with Jimmie. It went really well. An announcement was made to everybody before they got there. The announcement went something like this, "Rachael, Justin and Jimmie are coming! They will be hanging outside only. No one is to touch him or hold him. (other then my mom.) Everyone can stand around at an appropriate distance and look at him and visit."

This may sound extreme, but RSV season is right around the corner and there is already this nasty cold thing my kids have going around. (we are still debating whether Jimmie has had that or not- we'll probably never know. If he did, he breezed through it.)

This was the first extended family get together that Jimmie has ever been to! It worked because the weather was nice enough for them to be outside. Everyone was so excited and happy to see Jimmie. For some of our family it was the first time they had ever seen him in person! Most of our extended family just follows this blog like the rest of you for their "Jimmie fix". (-:

It was funny because there was this crowd standing at a distance just looking at him- like he was a monkey at the zoo or something. The cutest most amazing and miraculous monkey ever!! (-:

Rachael and Justin are trying to make his life as normal as possible. Despite the feeding tube and the extreme restrictions related to keeping him healthy. Jimmie has never been in a restaurant or a grocery store. The only place he really goes since he got his NG tube is his doctor's appointments. They use to take him to church where they sat in their own private room and he used to come visit us and go to moms, but now it is such a logistical nightmare to go places that they just don't.

All of the kids had lots of fun in the pool.

Including my daughter- McKenna.

Cousin Juliana . . .

And believe it or not- JIMMIE! (-:

It was a fun day! Good food, fun in the pool and good company! (-:

Yesterday Jimmie was doing this new thing where he was really interested in his bottle. He really acted like he wanted to take it. He would latch on and start sucking, but as soon as he swallowed he would just freak out and start screaming! He did this over and over. Obviously Rachael thinks it hurts him to swallow. I haven't heard yet if the endoscopy has been scheduled. I know they are working on getting that done though. Jimmie weighed 10 lbs 13 1/2 oz this morning on their scale at home. Rachael said he's gained better in the last two days on her breast milk then he did on that other formula they were trying.

We really appreciate your support and prayers for our little Jimmie Jim Jim. I hope you all had a good holiday weekend.



  1. Jimmie looks like he was ready to dive in on that last picture.(That day will come before you know it!:) )
    So good to see him out and enjoying your family! He continues to get more precious everyday! <3 Blessings to Jimmie

  2. Ahhhhh... How sweet to see those pictures of him touching the pool water for the first time! Glad they were captured on camera. Thanks Amber!

  3. i love the pictures! awesome! i am glad that he got to come. i hope that we are all feeling tip top when we get there so we can see jimmie! i am glad that you all had a good time and it went well. hopefully that endoscopy can get done soon! at least he is showing some interest lately in the bottle. that's a good sign! love you guys!

  4. Go Jimmie Go! My internet was down and I was really missing Jimmie updates. I am happy to hear that Rachael got some time away, and that Jimmie was interested in the bottle! Let's get to the bottom of the reflux (or swallowing) issue and fatten him up some more (not that he isn't looking nice and chubby). Prayers for wisdom, health and healing for all of you. God Bless Jimmie and his family!
    (love that he loves breastmilk, too)

  5. okay, i have to comment again, i was looking at the pics, and they are hilarious of everyone staring at him! i have to keep looking at them, they make me laugh!!!!! quite humorous! thanks!

  6. I am so thankful that Jimmie, his mommie and daddy were able to get out and enjoy the festivities this past weekend. They look like they really had a good time. Jimmie looked so intrigued with the water; mom/dad be careful may have a water baby on your hands. He looks just like a little man sitting on side of the pool. I am too out done with this tounge thing Jimmie has started displaying; WAY TOO CUTE!!!! My continued prayers for Jimmie, his mom, dad and their families...:)

    L Williams (co-worker Grandma Gravitt)

  7. Sweet pictures! Thanks! Amber, I hope your kids are better.

    I think someone has maybe mentioned this before, but does Jimmie take a pacifier? That might help him remember that sucking can be a good thing and is not always associated with pain. Also, he's almost 4 months old (adjusted) now, and I think you've already put rice cereal in bottles, right? Have they okayed you to start trying to feed him from a spoon?

    Love you all! You know that you're always in our prayers.

    Adrian and Janelle

  8. Jimmie is just so dang cute. So glad the family got out and enjoyed the holiday.

    He simply amazes me and reminds me of God's goodness. Almost 11 lbs. Wowza. For his 4 month adjusted age he would be right on target.

    All things in God's time.