Friday, September 18, 2009

Jimmie and Maddy

Today was a special day. My cousin Jennette, her husband Jason and their daughter Maddy are in town for the first time since Maddy was born. Our first time to kiss Maddy's cheeks and see her beautiful blue eyes in person has been so amazing! It was also Jennette and Jason's first time to see Jimmie in person! Jennette helped me by writing blogs the week before Jimmie was born. My daughter McKenna was having a surgical procedure that week. Jennette also posted the night Jimmie was born and when he had his "crash and bleed" .

Jennette is also mommy to Gabriella . Rachael and Jennette are cousins and love each other, but unfortunately share a sad history. They both buried their firstborns. Gabby passed away in Jan. 2008, Gracie - April 2008. Rachael was newly pregnant with Gracie when we drove out to Colorado for Gabby's funeral. Little did she know a few months later she would also receive devastating news at her 20 week ultrasound. And that she too would be burying her daughter in a tiny white coffin.

Rachael and Jennette became pregnant for the second time pretty close together. Jennette's due date was the end of March. Rachael's- the end of May. Of course Jimmie was born Feb. 11th, almost 4 months too early and Maddy was born a little late on April 1st. So technically Jimmie is a couple months older than Maddy, but if you go by Jimmie's gestational age he is a couple months younger.

It's been well over a year now since Gabby's and Gracie's funerals, we are so thankful for the blessings of Maddy and Jimmie. Thankfully Jennette did not share in also having a tumultuous second pregnancy. Although she had a 2 vessel cord and a semi-emergency c-section, Maddy was born at term and very healthy!

And although the pregnancy with Jimmie was traumatic and tragic in some ways, it has resulted in a beautiful amazingly healthy brave little man. Rachael has been wearing a shirt lately that says, "Some girls are born lucky." (-:

We are blessed!

Thank you Lord for these beautiful babies!

I'll post an update on Jimmie tomorrow. He's doing well.


P.S. We have 99 followers now, surely someone out there wants to be number 100! (-:


  1. Tears of absolute joy are streaming down my face as I looked at these pictures. It makes my heart sing to see you two girls together with your babies.
    I love you both so much
    Mom/Aunt Suzy

  2. I think I'm number 100! I've been following from the begining, but I haven't been "official". I'm a preemie mom from California...I had a similar situation to Rachael, but I was able to keep my son gestating inside me for 67 days (while on hospital bed rest) rather than in the NICU (only 8 days there!).
    I wanted to send my love, prayers and support. Keep up the AMAZING work, Rachael!!! Get some rest so that your milk continues to flow. I found that meat is really helpful for both fat (at least it looks fat) and creaminess of my milk. I also take a DHA/EPA supplement and drink lots of water. I try to get at least 6 hours of sleep in a row (usually). Breastmilk is God's Gift, and God does not make mistakes. Your milk is perfect for Jimmie!!! (I know that you know this, but I still have to say it).
    Our big guy (2 years and 3 months) prays for Jimmie every night, and our little guy (9 months) has a specialy bond, too, as they had similar birth stories. and it's so cute to hear. Our love and God's Continued Grace to you.
    Tracy, Jim, Jack and Henry

  3. I meant to say that it's cute to hear when our big boy prays for Jimmie...I'm a tired mom tonight. Thank you for all of the great updates!
    Good night.

  4. What sweet pictures!! I can't wait until Jimmie's old enough for us to see him running around with Hosea and Acacia--they'll both be within a year of his age, and they'll all be so cute together! I think about how fun it will be to see them all together in Sunday School, Christmas programs, etc. I have so many memories with Justin as we grew up, and it's such a blessing that now my children with have so many memories with yours!

    I'm glad to hear that Jimmie's doing well, but eager to hear details. =)

    Lots of hugs and kisses,

  5. It is so wonderful to see two beautiful mommies with their two beautiful babies! I am so happy to see Rachael's smile!