Thursday, January 29, 2009

23 Weeks And Hanging Tough

Yeah, today Rachael is 23 weeks! She is still hanging tough. She's had a few contractions today. The nurse was not concerned, but Rachael has not really had a measurable clear contraction on the monitor before. So-- I'm thinking maybe her uterus is just getting bigger now and so therefore it is captured by the machine. Because she has had days where she felt crampy and more uncomfortable than she has felt today. Anyway, regardless we don't want any of that! So lets all pray her body would- "peace be still!"

We have read a lot of good things about the herb "cramp bark". This is a very popular (in midwife circles) herb used by midwives to help prevent miscarriage, pre-term labor and uterine irritability. So mom ordered some today to add to our arsenal. Rachael is also using an electrolyte replacement powder in her water called "Vitalyte" (used to be called Gookinade). I'm convinced this saved my pregnancy with Cole. Rachael doesn't hide any of this from the doctors. I think Dr. Ridgeway's assesment of the Vitalyte was -- "that's expensive pee". LOL! Seriously though-- why a man who has spent the better part of his life efforting to save women's pregnancies wouldn't even be a little bit curious or open minded about something that has made such a difference so far with Rachael's cramping -- is a mystery to me. I mean as soon as they took Rachael off the saline drip her cramping escalated. And as soon as she started adding "Vitalyte" to her water things improved.

Anyway-- um, tangent over . . . (-:

I mean no disrespect . . .

Dr. Ridgeway is a wonderful doctor and the words "thank you" for what he has done for Rachael would not be adequate. I read somewhere that rescue cerclages fall into to two catagories "very complicated and heroic". It's quite possible what Dr. Ridgeway did for Rachael and Jimmie was heroic.

Keep those prayers coming!



  1. My prayers continue to be with you all....Thank you, Amber for writing this blog. I can tell you are a wonderful sister.
    -Deecy Means
    (Ella's mom, Tue ballet)

  2. Rachael! 23 weeks and one day! I have all the highest hopes and faith for you and Mr. Jimmy! I am now pretty convinced you are going to make it to term, especially with your "voo-doo" mom (as Dave calls it, not me). Hang in there and know I am counting days with you and praying constantly! I am now imagining the day I get to hold "Mr. Give us a heart attack boy"! Hang tough, or just sit really still and don't cough. We love you so much

    Natalie, Josh, Eli, and squishy

  3. My doctor's where very skeptical with herbal remedies too because they DO help with what they say they will help with but many have underlying side effects that aren't known because there is not a lot of testing that goes on with them. So that's probably why he wasn't very open to it. Most of them aren't, actually. So, it's not just him, it's all of them. :-)

    Rachael, way to hang in there!!! You can do this! I remember having a "we made it to 29 weeks" party in my room at Overland Park Regional. They didn't have to updated rooms yet but we did have it decorated for Christmas and cards, etc. My mom also made a big calendar to hang on the wall and we marked off every day and put Josie's (my daughter) milestones on it (weight, what I was dilated too, etc). I thought it helped pass time. Sounds like you already have the room personalized is SO important as I'm sure you have figured out. Every little thing helps.

    I also want to tell you way to go on only having a couple "bad" days!! I remember having only 2 horrible days where I cried all of them being triggered because the food people didn't have the soup I wanted. :-) I was in my room from 25-32 weeks and then they sent me home...I delivered at 35 a healthy baby girl! I really believe those shots helped!!! What a blessing you got them both in. You are doing so great Rachael and keep reminding yourself that this won't last forever and it is SO worth it!!! I look back now (5 years later) and it seems like a piece of cake...and I will do it again if I have too.

    You are already a wonderful mother sacrificing for little Jimmie!! I am praying for you and you can do 4 more weeks! You can do it!!!

    God bless you Rachael!!!

  4. Oh, my name is Allison by the way (friends with Howard and Donna from church) :-)