Monday, January 26, 2009

Doctors- Bed Side Manners

Rachael had a new doctor come in this morning. I think it was Dr. Finnley (sp?) . Supposedly he's going to be her doctor for February. He said they will give Rachael the first steroid shot right at 24 weeks (Feb. 5th). He also said that they will do an ultrasound Feb. 10th to check on how baby Jimmie is growing. He felt Rachael was doing good, that she's hanging steady right now.

While the doctors don't let us get comfortable-- Dr. Ridgeway says, "things can change in a blink of an eye", we feel good about how far she has come. Justin doesn't like it when the doctors remind us of the danger. I feel the same way. It's not like we don't know this already. *sigh* But-- I understand why the doctors are this way. It's their job to state facts, statistics and tell the truth as they see it- objectively and non-emotionally. We can see the value in this.

The very first night this all happened Monday, Jan. 12th. Rachael's doctor checked out the situation and was shocked by what she saw and very upset. She delivered Gracie Anne and I think she just let herself be emotionally taken in. She basically told Rachael and Justin it was over and that she couldn't believe this was happening to them etc... And although the situation *was* extremely serious it obviously was not *over*. It was very traumatic to receive the news in this fashion. She collected herself, consulted with the perinatalogists and came back with the plan. Rachael asked her at that point if she had hope and her doctor quietly said, "yeah-- I do."

I don't blame her doctor for caring so much. It was actually very touching, but we don't have to sort through Dr. Rideway's emotions to find the facts in the situation and that is a good thing.

Starting tomorrow we have 9 more days to viability so we are over halfway up *that* precipice!

Praise God! The doctors don't really take into account prayer (well if they do they don't really say) nor do they know or understand the hands on energy work (TKM) that my mom, Justin and Rachael and others qualified are doing 3 times a day. I understand why they don't take these things into account, but we know they do factor in.

We are so humbled and grateful for your prayers! I know you all will keep them coming!



  1. Praise God for each and every day of victory!! My prayer continues to be that God himself would hold little Jimmy in His hands until the oppointed time he has set for him to enter our world. Love and blessings. Anita

  2. Keep on keeping on Rachael! :) We are praying for you and that sweet baby every day. Love- Amber Voss

  3. Anytime you need me to come up and help with anything at all, including TKM just let me know. Love you all so much,
    Aunt Suzy