Monday, January 19, 2009

Keep On Keeping on

So Doctor Ridgeway was back this morning. He doesn't work weekends. He was happy to see Rachael still there. He said, "I'm not going to check your cervix because frankly I don't want to know. We've done all we can and now we just have to keep on keeping on." I'm not sure how I felt about the "I don't want to know" part, but well--- Rachael is fine with that so--okay.

He says that now our next milestone is that 24th week- viability. He also mentioned that if Rachael went really far they would talk about transferring her back to her original doctor. I'm mentioning this because I thought it was positive he even brought that up.

Otherwise there is not much new to report which is a very good thing.

The hospital is going to bring Rachael a laptop today so if you all start leaving more comments hopefully Rachael will be able to receive your words which I'm sure would be fun and encouraging for her!

We continue to be so grateful for you all-- our "prayer warriors".



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  2. That's great news! We love you all!!!

    Adrian and Janelle

  3. So wonderful to read encouraging words. Tonight at dinner the girls mentioned how many people are praying for Rachael, Justin, and the baby--and they're just thinking of ballet friends! The circle of those who love you all is a big one, and we're all trusting a mighty God with your little one. We love you so much and will keep praying and trusting. Blessings and Peace. And Amber, thank you for writing these updates! ~Amy and the Anderson Girls--Megan, Sophie, and Camille--(Daddy David is praying too!)

  4. Thanks so much for the updates, Amber. I've been praying for both of you girls...

    Amber, you are an amazingly strong woman and I felt to tell you to continue contending and believing for the biggest and best of what He's offered. Don't allow discouragement to steal even a teaspoon of what you've hungered so hard for!

    Rachel, the same day I received the email about your baby last week, Ben randomly pulled my black beret out of the top of my closet, and the kids were playing with it. It has been worn around the house here and there for the last few days now, so I've been reminded to constantly be standing for you & the baby's health! I'm looking forward to hearing about many creative miracles in the lives of your family in the coming months and years. Be blessed!!

  5. i will be praying for you rachel. this is tough. i'll pray that your bag of waters is intact and baby is healthy.

  6. I had an incompetent cervix but was able to carry my son after the doctor stitched me. I went home to rest but put pillows under my hips quite a bit. I had days where I was tired of laying down but many days where I felt great and focused on the baby. It's not easy, not at all, but it's such a short time of rest considering the blessing you will receive. I'll be praying for this little family, for a healthy baby, for the days to go by (seemingly) quickly. If I may suggest, changing the smells in the room helped me to feel like I was somewhere else. I had a room air cleaner and I would sometimes spray a light spritz of different aromas of linen water on my pillow to change the mood. (It also freshened and cooled off my pillow.) It really helped distract from being in the same room for so long.

  7. Praise the Lord for all the victories! Thank you for the updates, Caroline, the boys and I are praying for you all!!

  8. Rachel

    We are praying for strength for you and your precious baby boy. We pray he grow strong every day and that your body hold your bundle with patience. My daughter, Lily, is in your 12:30 ballet class on Tuesday and she talks about you and the baby a lot. Stay strong and keep out the fear with your strength, love and joy! God bless you both. Peace be with you!! You are doing great!!

    Sheila and Lily Salmond