Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Perfectionist

So Rachael has worked through a few symptoms and some anxiety today, but thankfully nothing really serious.

The nurse practitioner gave her some insight into Dr. Ridgeway. She said he's known as "the perfectionist" and that anything less than perfect is "not good" to him. Rachael asked if the new doctor taking care of her for February would know all of Dr. Ridgeway's thoughts about her cerclage and her situation. She kind of snickered and said, "oh yes-- he has extensive notes about the surgery. Rachael is being called the "sub-optimal cerclage patient". Other doctors feel a cerclage is a cerclage to the extent that it closes the cervix and keeps bacteria away from the membrane and Rachael's seems to be performing in that way. Everybody agrees that Rachael needs to stay in the hospital on strict bedrest, but I guess some are not as dramatic (as Dr. Ridgeway) about how "touch and go" they feel she is.

However we cannot discount that Dr. Ridegway was the *one* who saw everything and performed the surgery. And frankly-- we don't mind a perfectionist in charge of this situation!

I think we'll miss him in February. (-:

However this conversation did lift Rachael's spirits today a bit.

Just pray that the status quo for Rachael is maintained as we come up on this last week towards viability. I think it's easy to get anxious in a certain way as this huge milestone is now within sight.

Father keep Rachael and Jimmie healthy, the bag of water strong and that stitch in place! Amen! We are so thankful for how far we've come!


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  1. Any chance she will feel like visitors any time soon? I know she needs to be calm and relaxed, but let us know the minute she needs a change of pace!!