Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hanging In There

So I just talked to Rachael and she’s doing ok. She still has symptoms that could be everything or nothing that really worry her. The nurses say that is not uncommon in this situation and hopefully doesn’t mean catastrophe. Pray that all lower back cramps and spotting would go away completely. She told me she is just feeling really down today. Emotional disturbances in this situation are also to be expected. I’m feeling good because we are on our 4th day post surgery. If we can get to tomorrow with nothing changing that is the next hurdle-- overcome.

I realized that the command Jesus gives to the storm-- “Peace Be Still!”. Can not only apply to Rachael’s spirit but also her body. If her body is “still” no labor or dilation is happening. So -- Rachael’s body-- “Peace Be Still in Jesus’ name!!!!”

Rachael has also asked that she receive no visitors or phone calls at this time. That has been a common query. Holding it together takes a lot of concentration and she needs to not be overwhelmed. However she would love to receive books, dvds, prayers, encouraging words in cards, flowers etc… if people want to send them to the hospital. She is at Overland Park Regional Hospital 10500 Quivira Road; Overland Park, Kansas 66215. Rachael and Justin Gravitt room #3406 (Perinatal Unit).

Keep fighting with us to climb this mountain! We are so grateful for your love and prayers!


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