Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ups and Downs

So last night was a very difficult night. Rach was very crampy-- probably from the surgery. But at this stage we do not want cramps at all. The doctors are on high alert for signs of contractions. She is monitored by machines, but at this stage her uterus is still so small contractions are not always picked up on the monitors. So they have told Rachael she is the best judge of what is happening. That makes for a situation where every cramp and ache has to be noted and analyzed by Rachael and the doctors.

Again my mom stayed all night long with her hands on Rachael praying and doing TKM holds and sequences. Certain things that she would do seemed to take the edge off the cramps.

Justin hasn’t really left Rachael’s side either. I know he’s going to take off at least one more shift from work. As most of you know he is an Independence firefighter and thankfully the fire department is very supportive and accommodating in this situation.

This morning Doctor Ridgeway (The Perinatologist who performed the surgery) did an ultrasound and was positive about how things looked. He said so far everything had stayed where he put it and her fluid levels were good and the baby who has been feet down had turned head down which is a *good* thing. He had been kicking Rachael’s cervix which the Doctor and Rachael were not so happy with. Mom was thrilled about this because she had done a sequence in the night that is supposed to help turn a baby head down!! The doctor even talked to Rachael about the possibility of taking her catheter out so she could get up to use the restroom. We’ll see . . .

Keep praying against infection and contractions. Pray that her bag of water and that stitch stay strong!



  1. Rachael and Justin, we are fervently praying for you and baby Jimmy. May you be led by still waters and covered in blankets of the Lord's peace. Please let us know what we can do to help. We love you very much. Tiff

  2. Mona and I are constantly praying.

  3. Our congregation prayed for you tonight, Rachael :) We will keep on praying! Thanks, Amber, for the updates.

  4. Praying from Louisburg. Many friends and family have joined us in prayer. Much love being sent your way. PamE.

  5. We are praying constantly for you. Let me know what I can do or if you need anything.Rachael, I can bring you some mindless books to read when you are feeling up to it. Amber, let me know if you need anything!

  6. Loida & I are praying for Rachael and Justin and the baby. God is more than able to heal! Although we do not understand His ways we know His love and care for us. May God strengthen you and guide you! The Grace Community Church is praying for you!