Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Final Ascent

Well- today has been uneventful. That is a good thing! Rachael was crampy again in the night, but some of that seems to be status quo. She has been told that if she were dilating the stitch would tear on her cervix and there would be blood. Ack! I know, but this was comforting because in other words-- we'll know if something is changing for the worse.

She seems a little weary the last few days. And she had her first kind of "claustrophobic" moment where she felt stuck and a little desperate the other day. I can't believe she hasn't felt that way more. Laying almost flat in the same room day after day after day would be really hard. She really has been a super star at this!!! Her room has been transformed. Mom says when someone new from the hospital walks in they always comment about how "at home" Rach has made herself. She has home made quilts on the beds, a huge long row of books, shelves full of goodies and snacks, the walls are covered with cards and they have an "essential oil" dispenser so her room always smells beautiful.

Just keep praying she would be filled with peace and comfort.

We can't wait to get to next week! We are on that final ascent to the top of that precipice. Sometimes that last climb is the most exhausting. Keep those prayers coming! Membrane of steel, stitch of God, holy health! (-: Cole prays that out loud. LOL! He has no idea what the details mean- of course, but he knows we are praying that Auntie Ta Ta's baby stays in her tummy.


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