Sunday, January 18, 2009

Little Victories

So today is the 5th day post surgery and there is no sign of infection. Praise God! This is another hurdle-- overcome. Our prayers for no spotting are working so lets keep it up. This does a lot for Rachael's spirits.

The doctor allowed her to take a shower today-- sitting of course, but that's good.

She still feels achy in her cervix lets pray that goes away completely as well. A nurse told Rachael today that by the time they went to operate on her she was dilated to a 3! We didn't realize that-- so that was hard to hear. Apparently Rachael and Justin made the right decision to go for the surgery as the dilating was not stopping.

So now we start the road towards the 24th week- viability. That is 18 days away.

Keep praying her bag of water stays strong, her stitch holds, that her body stays peaceful. My dad continues to pray that God would knit Rachael's body together even as He is knitting Jimmie's together. And lets thank God for these little victories, which are really big!

Thank you for fighting with us- your prayers are powerful!


  1. WOW! That is wonderful news! God is so faithful, and we are so thankful. We will keep praying for Rachael to AT LEAST reach the 24 week mark. Rachael is now on our congregation's bulletin, and we pray for her together as a body, and individually. May God continue to grant you all peace and comfort.

    Reece has a beautiful ballet picture on her wall--the only dancer on it looks just like Rachael :) We think of you often, Rachael!

  2. Rachael, I pray for you and Justin and Jimmy every day and have shared your testimony with many here in Paraguay. We continue to trust in God to do His perfect will for all involved. We love you and pray for you.

  3. Sending love and prayers for Rachael and her entire family.

    Suzan Higuchi (Amy`s sister).