Friday, June 5, 2009

Awesome Eye News

So Jimmie had a visit from his home health nurse today and he weighed in at 6lbs 4oz. Not quite 15 grams a day. Eh-- not so great. Not terrible though. Lets keep praying our chunky monkey fat prayers.

The awesome news is Jimmie had his follow up eye exam today and the report was amazing! The Doc said that his eyes are now fully mature and healthy. He advised Rachael to make an appointment with a Pediatric Eye Doctor in 6 months. This is just routine advice for a preemie. The Doctor also said that even though technically Jimmie has a risk of needing glasses, he sees no evidence that he will. WOW!! Totally awesome news! Thank you Lord for your continued blessings.

While they were at the eye appointment today Rachael ran into one of the NICU couples (parents) that she came to know during their stay. Their little girl was released a week before Jimmie and was only home a few days. She ended up at Children's Mercy for the past month back on the vent. She stopped breathing at a pediatrician appointment. They bagged her and sent her by ambulance to the hospital. It turns out she was really anemic. She received 3 blood transfusions and slowly recovered and has been home (take 2) for a few days. Say a prayer for her.

We are SO grateful for how well Jimmie is doing!

I'm going to go hang with Jimmie for the day tomorrow. I'll come back with pictures of our unbelievably cute little man. (-:



  1. Praise the Lord his eyes are great! YAY!! That's great news. We'll keep on praying for him and for this little girl and her family.

    We love you all!
    Adrian and Janelle

    P.S. Josiah was walking around this evening singing your dad's song "Daddy's Money." It was so cute and cracking me up. =)

  2. So happy for his eyes! We'll pray for that little girl.
    -Mary Gates & Family
    P.S. Praying Chunky Monkey Prayers!

  3. Wow Jimmie you are getting to be a Big Boy know. I hope we get to meet you soon! We all love you and we still pray for you everyday! Love you Rachael and Justin.