Wednesday, June 10, 2009


GO JIMMIE GO!!! Jimmie is almost off his oxygen! His visit to the Neonatologist today went great. The Doctor basically said that he looks great and to just put him on a little bit of oxygen at night. He also said for Rachael to monitor him with the pulse ox to check his sat levels frequently. So this afternoon when they got home from his appointment Rachael turned in circles and walked him all around their house wire free! This is such an amazing feeling for Rachael and Justin. Imagine how constraining it would be to ALWAYS have your baby hooked up to something. They have not complained- obviously knowing it has all been necessary, but what a wonderful feeling to be free!

The doctor also put in an order to have the apnea and brady monitor picked up. Jimmie has not had even one episode since he has been home. We are very excited tonight about our little miracle's progress!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Jimmie. You are all such a blessing to us!

P.S. I will be posting again tomorrow for Jimmie's 4 month birthday!


  1. WOOOHOOOO!!!! Praise the Lord!
    Lots o' love and hugs!
    -Mary Gates & Family

  2. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! That's wonderful! Way to go, Jimmie!!!!!

    We love you all so much!
    Adrian, Janelle, and Kids

  3. Jimmie! You are acting like a normal baby!!! What is up with that?!? I am so happy for you and your mommy and daddy! It must feel awesome!!!! Jimmie, I am trying to work on something for your tummy time. I hope I get it done before you don't need it anymore :) I love you!!!! Keep truckin' little guy turning into a big guy. You will need the extra pounds if you want to play with the Millards, oh my!