Saturday, June 20, 2009

Way Too Cute

So Mom, Cole, McKenna and I went out to hang with Rachael and Jimmie this afternoon. Jimmie is doing great and is just so full of personality. He SMILED at me! REALLY SMILED! I was cooing and saying,"Hiiiii I'm your Auntie Amber..." He looked right at me and smiled. I wish we had got it on film, but instead I got these hilarious shots!

The following 3 videos are-Jimmie having swing time. Jimmie under his play gym. And my son Cole talking VERY cute about Jimmie.



  1. Love the pictures and videos. Yes, Cole, I agree. Jimmie is way too cute, and so are you!

  2. I must confess that I keep coming back to this page so I can see that first picture again. It makes me giggle and smile every time!

    We love you, Jimmie!

    The Tandys

  3. Love these new videos!

  4. Talk about CUTE! Cole-man is always WAY TOO CUTE. I loved the pictures of Jimmie on your mom's lap. What is he thinking?


  5. Oh, those pictures are adorable! The videos, too! Thanks for sharing them!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle and kids

  6. The pics of Jimmie are just too cute not to share... His facial expressions are hilarious!!! What a special and awesome lil guy you all have. I know Cole cannot wait until Jimmie is up and mobile. May the good Sheppard continue to guide and watch over his flock.
    Many blessings,
    LaKasiha Williams & Family

  7. I love the pictures and the videos! Jimmie is way too cute, Cole- I can't stand it either : ) So glad things are going well over there. Lots of love from Nevada!
    Amber, Liam and Ella