Monday, June 1, 2009

Back To Work

Last Wednesday Rachael came back to work at the studio! She is doing great, feeling fine and Jimmie- for the most part- lets her sleep 2 to 3 hrs at a time in the night between feedings.

It is so amazingly wonderful to have her at the studio again. I feel the urge to do some "thanking"! I am so thankful for everyone that has helped me since January when Rachael had to leave. Thank you to my teaching help: Brittney and Breanna Carter, Ellie Scott, Ruby Smith, Jessica Staley and Rachel Plante- I could not have done this without you guys. Chris Scott and Sheila Carter- thank you for holding down the fort when I wasn't there. My babysitting help: My brothers Evan and Nate- you guys are the BEST uncles EVER. Thank you so much for all of the babysitting you've done for me. I hope to return the favor some day. (-; Michelle Michael- thank you for how much you love my kids, your babysitting help has been invaluable! And of course my MOM!!! Even when she was in the NICU 6 days a week for hours a day she would still spend that 7th day with my kiddos. And she always helps me in a pinch whenever she can. Rachael is LITERALLY my other half in our teaching business and I have missed her dreadfully, but it was definitely made bearable by all of you wonderful people!

Rachael is working Mondays and Wednesdays for 4 hours and Thursday for 2 hours. So far Jimmie is just spending that time at home in his Daddy's arms. And I mean the "in his Daddy's arms" part. Justin doesn't like Jimmie to fuss- which he does if he's not being held, so Justin just holds him the whole time! 0-: It does Rachael a lot of good to get away that little bit and the Daddy/Jimmie time that results is precious. The Fire Department in being very supportive of Justin taking family leave- for now- on the days that Rachael works. Jimmie's Grandparents will be helping with babysitting as well in the future. The original plan was for him to be watched with my children. That plan was made in the 6 days after we found out he was healthy, but before we almost lost him. Now of course, we do not want him exposed to any germs my kids could be carrying. This sacrifice to keep him mostly secluded at home for his first 2 years will be well worth it for his future.

Rachael woke up again last night to find Jimmie's cannula was not in his nose. This time it was on his forehead. He was sleeping peacefully, satting at 95% and his heartrate was 120's. This is so awesome to hear. The Neonatalogist said that he cannot direct Rachael to wean him. She has to take him in for an oxygen study to get the ok to turn him down from a 1/8 of a liter to an 1/6th of a liter. I'm sure Rachael will be scheduling that appointment in the near future.

Keep praying for Jimmie to stay healthy and on track with his weight gain.


P.S. I just wanted to say thank you for your comments under the 40 weeks post- they brought me to tears. And actually- every single comment under these posts are very much appreciated and are a blessing to us.

P.S.S. Jimmie is on an 1/8 of a liter of oxygen not a 1/4 like I wrote earlier. Oops.


  1. How wonderful that Daddy and Jimmie get that special time together! Justin, you're such a great daddy. It's such a blessing for Jimmie to get to grow up in such a wonderful, loving home.

    Rachael, what a blessing that you get to sleep for 2-3 hour stretches! Congratulations on going back to work. It's nice that you can know Jimmie's literally in good hands while you're gone. =)

    That's great that Jimmie's oxygen sats are doing so well with the cannula out!! We're praying he can get weaned off of that soon!

    Lots and lots of love to you all!
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. hopefully the doc can just order an overnight pulse ox, and take one look at jimmie's saturation levels and take him off the O2!!! i hope you have more luck with the foot sensor than we did!!! i am soooooooooo happy that jimmie is doing well. i can't wait to see him in september!!

  3. Awwwww......Justin, you are such a great daddy! I bet you can't wait to teach Jimmie sooooooo many things! I will look forward to seeing him sit on a tractor for the first time! Jason is the same way with Julianna...when I am gone, she is either in his arms or he is playing with her non stop. We all have such great daddys in our family....what a blessing! Keep growing Jimmie!

  4. Rachael, we were sooooooooooo happy to see you at ballet on Monday! We missed you tons(: So glad Jimmie is thriving!
    -Mary Gates & Family