Monday, June 29, 2009

Post Traumatic Stress And Anxiety

Jimmie is doing pretty well with his feedings today!! Praise God. Rachael went to work and he took 2 bottles from Justin and did great. A little earlier this evening he nursed and did pretty good as well.

Rachael talked to Jimmie's Pedi today and he said because Jimmie was still having good wet diapers he really wasn't too concerned yet. They did make an appointment to look Jimmie over tomorrow to make sure he is not sick. Jimmie is not really throwing up much so it's unlikely that it is really bad reflux. Sometimes babies just do these things and we never really no for sure.

I think poor Rachael has been through so much in the last two years losing Gracie and almost losing Jimmie, then going through everything with Jimmie in the NICU- it's just really hard for her to have perspective sometimes. Understandably she has some post traumatic stress and anxiety. She knows it and is efforting to change her mindset and her outlook. It's also hard because they basically drilled it into her head in the NICU to take everything very seriously. One Doctor even told Rachael a story of a preemie that went home and got sick and the mom waited a few days before taking the child in and the baby ended up dying. The Doctor told Rach this to drive home the importance of keeping Jimmie healthy and reacting immediately to any concern. She has all of these horrible stories and worse case scenarios in her mind. The medical professionals pretty much have to do this, but it's really taken it's toll on Rachael.

Please keep little Jimmie in your prayers that he will not have reflux and that he can settle down and eat peacefully and comfortably. And pray for Rachael to have the mind of God!

I will definitely update tomorrow after Jimmie's appointment with his Doctor.

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words and prayers!



  1. Come on, Jimmie, you can do it, buddy! We're praying for Jimmie, and his mommy. Hope it's nothing serious. Jesus is hope for all.

  2. We're still praying chubby prayers! It's got to be hard to be vigilant, yet not anxious, but life will feel less stressful as Jimmy has more and more happy, normal days at home.

    God bless!

    Denise Fultz

  3. We're continually praying!! As long as they keep gaining, the reflux isn't too bad--even if they have it. Maybe he just went through a couple of not-so-hungry days. It's hard to remember that they're little people and have feelings just like we do!!

    We love you and we're praying!
    Adrian and Janelle