Sunday, June 7, 2009


I'm in love! When I close my eyes I see Jimmie, I can smell his sweet baby smell and feel his warm little body in my arms. Now all I want is to hang with him every day! (-: Ahhh, oh well- a girl can dream right?

My cousin Tiffany, her daughter Juliana, my kiddos and I spent the afternoon with Rachael and Jimmie. After Tiffany left, Dave (my hubby) came out and we stayed the evening! (Justin was on his 24 hour shift at the Fire Station.)

Jimmie had a developmental day yesterday. He started sucking on his paci without spitting it out, he cooed a couple of times, he was tracking toys with his eyes and he pouted in response to something that bewildered him. And I got to be there to see it all! It was so much fun! Jimmie is just so amazing! At one point I was holding him and his eyes were WIDE staring at me. I started making a weird noise over and over. For a while he was brave, but then he just started looking more and more worried and then out came his bottom lip in a big pout. It was the cutest thing ever! I'm sure the next step will be him smiling in response to something that delights him. I can't wait for that! I guarantee you, with those dimples- his smile will knock you over with it's cuteness. I really bonded with Jimmie yesterday- in person, and it was so awesome.

Jimmie got really fussy after his 6pm feed and I tried out the "Colic Bounce" that our good friend Pam E. showed me when Cole was little. Pam's son had colic and she discovered the one thing that calmed him was holding him and standing and doing this quick deep bounce- it's a killer on the thighs, but it works! Anyway Jimmie arched his back, his eyes got wide and he quieted down just like Cole used to. It really took me back... Being an Auntie is great (much like a grandparent) you can leave and mom gets to deal with fussy baby all hours of the night, which is pretty much what happened.

Rachael's prayer requests today are that Jimmie would continue to eat well and not be uncomfortable in his tummy, that he would keep chunkin it up and that he can get off oxygen. His appointment to assess his oxygen needs is Wednesday and Rachael is trying, unsuccessfully- to not get her hopes up.

Here are all of the pictures from yesterday I think all but 9 or 10 are Tiffany's. She is such a great photographer so enjoy this treat!



  1. that was great. i loved all of those pictures. the ones of jules eating the dolls feet are hilarious!!!!! and jimmie is getting big! i love that last pic of him and rachael. so precious!

  2. What sweet pictures! It's so much fun when they start doing new things. We're praying that the appointment on Wednesday goes well!!

    Love you all!
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. What a gift! Thanks for sharing. We continue to pray for BIG Jimmie!

  4. The kids were very cute but I must say that all of you young women are getting more and more beautiful! What is even more wonderful is that you are even more lovely on the inside!

    Love you.

    Michelle M

  5. I LOVED all the pictures! The kids are all so cute!

  6. I love the one of him yawning. Precious!

  7. Aww! I love the slideshow and the fun song! We had a blast!

  8. So incredibly sweet!! I said a prayer to thank God for the wonderful miracle of Jimmie. : ) - Mary