Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friends And Mayhem

Our long time friend- Tiffany Best who used to dance with Rachael and I (before we all got married and started having babies) is in town from Colorado. Amazingly her 3 kids and my 2 kids are all healthy so Rachael bravely said YES-- we could all come over. It was so awesome to see Tiff and her beautiful family!

Josef-3 years old

Eva- 2 years old

Tiffany and Charlie- 6 months old

It was pretty crazy. Little kids running everywhere. We were trying to visit, but every 2 or 3 minutes one of us would go check on the kids that were not immediately visible. Kids can do A LOT in a couple minutes though. Jimmie's little room was completely taken apart by the time we left. Rachael wouldn't let us pick up because she is going to disinfect and wipe down every item that was touched. Which in this case happens to be every book in Jimmie's bookcase. He has MANY books. And every little toy and tractor in his room. And unfortunately at one point Cole went running through the house with his fruit punch bottle sprinkling. I think we got it all. Thank goodness the living room rug is shag because there are a few threads that are now mostly pink, but you can't really tell. It could have been worse, but next time I'll do better. I always forget how different my kids- especially Cole- act when they play with other kids. Something about their combined energies spur them on to surprising destructive heights.

Jimmie slept right in the middle of the mayhem for a while. He woke up to eat, bravely fought down a puke and then seemed just slightly amused by the kids. He and Rachael were both pretty cool and calm.

The funniest part was when we put them all on the couch for a picture.

(Yes that is my daughter wearing nothing but a diaper. She had on a beautiful summer dress that was involved in a bit of a poop fiasco.)

This is Jimmie's response to the craziness. "Let me stick my tongue out at you all! But especially at cousin McKenna- who, although the jury may still be out on her personality- seems to be a very feisty little diva."

Or - "let me express how boring this is. This is nothin compared to the NICU!"

The afternoon ended with an appropriate exclamation point! I looked for my keys for 30 minutes and there was talk of Justin hot wiring my car so I could leave. Rachael finally found them deep inside the couch.

I thought Rachael was rather brave to say "yes". Although maybe she didn't know exactly what she was saying "yes" to. (-:



  1. Great Pics and wonderful post! We are thoroughly entertained!
    MA and PA

  2. I'm cracking up! One day Jimmie will be part of the mayhem!

  3. Pretty soon Jimmie will be running around with the best of them. Great picture of him sticking out his tongue. He's already so opinionated. =) We can't wait until he's old enough to run around with our brood! He and Hosea are less than a year apart, and he'll be less than a year older than this one, too! Good times. =)

    Love you all,
    Adrian and Janelle

  4. I love him. He's my baby, too.

  5. So very, very, very, very cute! We love Jimmie! He looks so tiny next to all his friends!

  6. I did know what I was saying yes to! We loved having everyone out. It was so good to see Tiff and the kids.

  7. HA! What fun! Love the couch pics!

  8. those are great pictures! Kenna is a character alright. i can't wait to see everyone in september. we are getting our tickets tonight! yay! we will see you all 3 months from today!

  9. Hello
    This is Evan's moms in the nicu Jimmy is so big now. I haven't came to check on his blog for a while now i didn't even know he was off the oxygen too. He looks great and happy i'm so happy to see this.

  10. Hi, Meme
    How is Evan doing? I pray for him often. email me and let me know.

  11. AWW guys!!!!! I can't believe all those people came out of my dancing buddies! Kaspar and i really missed out. We love you all!! xoxo Jeanene

  12. Blessings from Grandma Kathy{Tiffany's Mom) I am so glad that it worked out for all of you to be together. The pictures are fun. My prayers are constant for all! Thank you Jesus!