Saturday, June 13, 2009

Off Day

Jimmie is doing good. Sometimes he has off days where he is fussy and has tummy troubles. But not anything too dramatic. Today he's had one of those days. He hasn't had a poopy in a couple of days so say some poop prayers and hopefully he'll have an explosion. 0-: He seems to be acting like a normal baby, which is wonderful. And now that he is off oxygen he looks like a normal baby- until you find out he's 4 months old and not even 7 pounds. Rachael is very protective of him. She does not forget that Jimmie is not normal and needs special consideration. He clearly gets overstimulated and really worn out by outings so she tries to limit them. It's hard sometimes for their little family to just be stuck at home, but it's the right thing for Jimmie right now. Please pray for Rachael and Justin's patience and wisdom in Jimmie's care.

Here are some more of the pictures Rachael took on his 4 month birthday the other day.

He's just so cute!!!

We thank you for your continued prayers for Jimmie's health!



  1. Heck Allie is a year old and she gets overwhelmed very easily so I can't imagine what it must be like for Jimmie! Sounds like everyone is doing a wonderful job with him though and he obviously has a great mommy and daddy!

    I love the picture of him on his tummy with the shark on his butt laying next to his puppy! That's adorable!

  2. he looks so much like rachael! he's adorable!!!

  3. You know I think I remember when Justin was born he was a very, very, very colicy baby. He gave his parents fits!! They waited a very long time for his arrival and then the wondered what in the world they were thinking!! Ever heard of what goes around comes around??? Just kidding, I hope he gets to feeling better very soon...BIG BOY POOPY Jimmie you can do it!!

    Kathy Barnes

  4. He is So cute! Congrats on No Oxygen! We will pray.


  5. Keep on a chunkin' Jimmie! He'll have a good poopy soon(: He is so beautiful. My mom and sister cooed, and awed at every picture(: (So did I!)
    Jimmie- you're the tops!
    -Mary Gates