Monday, June 15, 2009

Oxygen Update And Other Stuff

Sunday after church Jimmie went over to his Grandpa and Grandma Gravitt's (Rod and Kathy) to visit. His Great Aunt Karen and Uncle Kevin (that's who Rach and Justin lived with while he was in the NICU) and Great Grandma Paula (Kathy's mom) were there for some "Jimmie time". They got some good snuggles in with Jimmie and Rachael took pictures. I'll get my hands on those so I can post them soon!

Jimmie is doing great. His pooper is working good again and his tummy feels better.

The other day Jimmie was having tummy time on his boppy and he started sucking on his own arm. When Rachael picked him up she noticed he had given himself a pretty dramatic "hickey". Hahahaha. Rachael felt bad, but I think it's funny.

Today Justin is working so mom (Andrea) went out to Odessa to watch Jimmie while Rachael taught (ballet) for a couple of hours. Mom said they had a peaceful and sleepy afternoon.

Jimmie is doing well without his oxygen. The other day Rach took his pulse ox every 1/2 hour and he was averaging around 96%. He has a little more trouble keeping it up in his car seat. He was around 93% to 94% during their drive into town Sunday. Rachael had the monitor so she could keep an eye on the numbers and she ended up putting his oxygen on him for the trip back home. Overall he's doing very well. She's still supposed to be putting it on him at night. She does so faithfully, but often wakes to find it on his forehead or in his mouth, but his monitor shows him in the upper 90's despite that. Yeah! Go Jimmie go!

My kids and I are going out to visit Jimmie tomorrow so the next blog will have more pictures.



  1. Jimmie is such a blessing to this world. Keep up the good work, Buds. We are all rooting and praying for you. You will be one awesome dude when you grow up.

  2. We love hearing all the great news! What a perfect little guy. =) What a wonderful God!!

    We love you,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. Jimmie sounds like he is doing great. He has a pretty awsome mommy. We will keep praying for him everyday. We love you all! :)