Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doing Better/Father's Day

Thank you all for your care and prayers for Rachael. She is doing better today. Her fever is lower and her pain is more concentrated. I think she did end up starting the antibiotics. I have (Janelle) heard that before about the Mastitis resolving on it's own in 48 to 72 hours. And you are right Rachael (and I for that matter) hates taking anything when she could do without. Unfortunately my history with Mastitis has been very severe. Maybe that spooked (us) Rachael into taking them. She definitely hasn't gotten as bad as I was. I had to be hospitalized for the better part of a week and put on i.v. antibiotics when I had it the first time. I was severely ill. The second time was hardly any better, but I stayed out of the hospital. Anyway . . . that's why I called it the Mastitis Monster. (-: Thank you so much for your advice and prayers! Rachael felt capable of taking care of Jimmie tonight so Justin took them home. He works a 24 hour shift tomorrow so Kathy may end up taking off work to go be with Rachael- who will definitely not be teaching tomorrow.

At least Jimmie is doing great. He has the normal baby fussy times and he is a spoiled little thing. He pretty much just wants, expects really- to be held CONSTANTLY. I'm sure he had a great last couple of days staying at Grandpa and Grandma Gravitt's because he pretty much had someone holding him all of the time! (-:

Hopefully Rachael is on the mend.

We had a great Father's Day. Rachael, Justin and Jimmie actually came for lunch at my house and stayed the afternoon! It was so awesome to all be together as a family. Mom, Dad, Evan, Nate, Eric and his fiance Rachel were all here as well.

I am so grateful for all of the wonderful Fathers in our lives!

Jimmie has an awesome dad! And in his honor here are a bunch of pictures of Justin and his boy!

Jimmie we are gonna love watching you grow to be the man your father is!



  1. I'm glad to know that you're doing better, Rachael! We'll keep praying for you. Amber, I'm sorry you had it so rough with mastitis. It's definitely not fun.

    Happy late Father's Day, Justin!

    Lots of love to you all,

  2. So glad to hear that Rachael's doing better. What a wonderful little Jimmie!

  3. My eyes fill with tears when I see the miracle that is Jimmie. Rachael, I haven't forgotten how awful mastitis is....OMG, I remember putting a heating pad on that side and letting my babies nurse on that side even though it hurt so much. I would stand in a hot shower and just cry. I am so glad you are doing better. He is so adorable. And spoiled? Most babies like to be close when they're still little. You have to worry about the ones who don't want to be snuggled. Enjoy it while you can. Wait until he's up and running around and doesn't want to be so close because he's a "big boy".