Thursday, June 25, 2009

Supermom Strikes Again

Rachael is still feeling pretty nasty. She is still running low grade fevers, experiencing body aches and burning eyes, having a constant ache in her breast with occasional shooting pains and is often nauseated. Justin's mom Kathy left work at noon yesterday and she and her mom- Grandma Paula went out to Odessa to help Rachael with Jimmie while Justin was on his 24 hour shift. I'm sure if Jimmie could understand he would be sad that his mommy is not feeling well, but all he knows is that someone has been holding him for 3 days straight! (-: He has been loving it! My mom went out to Odessa yesterday evening to work on (TKM energy work) Rachael some more to try to help her get over this faster.

Tuesday night as Rachael and Justin prepared to leave Rod and Kathy's Jimmie nursed and ate A LOT! Rachael said probably about 5 ounces. He was so full she decided to wait a while before they put him in his seat and made the trip home. She didn't want him to puke in the car. So they stayed until almost 9pm. That is usually his fussy awake time and this night was no exception. Well except that Grandma Kathy walked him around for an hour and a half to keep him happy. Rachael said he stayed awake for the entire trip home as well. He was a bit fussy in the car, but was able to be distracted and entertained by one of his little toy rattles. These little normal things mean a lot to Rachael. She was happy that he was seeing, interacting and interested in his toy enough that it kept him from fussing. This is a good indication that he is developing neurologically in a normal way.

Yesterday was a scheduled phone conversation with Jimmie's Neonatologist Dr. L. Rachael talked to his nurse and they discussed the status of Jimmie's oxygen and his sat levels. Rachael relayed how she had been taking Jimmie's sat levels over a period of hours and averaging the numbers and she also reported Jimmie had gained 4 1/2 ounces last week. The nurse relayed all of the details to the doctor and called Rachael back and reported that the Neonatologist was very impressed with Rachael's thoroughness and intelligence in this situation. I laughed when Rach told me that. She said, "I guess the doctor was really surprised and impressed with everything I relayed." I'm just thinking, "DUH-- Dr. L- do you not remember Rachael in the NICU? She was SUPERMOM, Jimmie's amazing advocate and practically a nurse in her knowledge of everything medical Jimmie was going through. She had at least two different requests by the medical staff to be on advising committees related to parents and the NICU. Did you expect less?" (-: I guess Supermom strikes again!

But anyway the super awesome result of Rachael's very well documented details is that Jimmie is now COMPLETELY off oxygen! He will no longer have to have it at night! We are thrilled! Rachael requested to keep the sat monitor (so she can continue to check his levels) and may end up keeping a small oxygen tank for the car because she hasn't really liked his numbers when he is in his car seat, but this is all Rachael's call and Dr. L is basically deferring to Rachael on these decisions. Go Jimmie go! You rock little man! And so does your mom!

Keep praying for Rachael to heal and for Jimmie to continue to thrive! Thank you so much for your care and prayers! God is good.


P.S. The info on how Rach was feeling was from yesterday. I just talked to her this morning and she seems to have improved quite a bit! Yeah!!!!!


  1. WOO HOO!!! That's great! We'll keep praying for your healing, Rachael. You and Justin are doing amazing with your little man. He's so blessed. =)

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. No more oxygen! Yes! I knew you could do it Jimmie(: Ours prayers are with you, Rachael. Thank you Lord!

  3. I remember that my mastitis actually felt better (and hurt) when I nursed. Back in those old days, moms wer advised to quit breastfeeding entirely if they got mastitis. I did not and that is when I went to the acupunturist.

    Anyway, my prayers to God for you, sweet Rachael!

  4. that's wonderful news! i am so glad to hear it. you go jimmy!!! and rachael, i am glad you are feeling better. Oh, and i meant to tell you, Maddy can wear the sweater you made her now, and we love it! so soft!!!

  5. Mother knows best! So happy to know that Rachael is feeling better. And Jimmie does rock!