Monday, February 16, 2009

CPAP- Go Jimmie Go

Jimmie is now on CPAP and doing really well. Mom says it looks so huge in his little tiny nose. His nurse is very happy with how he's doing. His blood gases haves actually looked better then when he was on the vent. He is still receiving the caffeine therapy and seems to be tolerating that just fine.

There was a few short minutes after he was removed from the vent and before they got him hooked up to the CPAP where his face was clear of tubes and wires and Rachael got to take pictures of him. I will be working on getting some pics transfered to my computer so I can post them.

Now you can hear his tiny voice when he cries. The nurse is encouraging Rachael and Justin to touch him a lot to calm him down and it really works. He'll be moving and all worked up and when they touch him and talk quietly to him he calms down.

They have now bumped his feedings to every two hours because he's handling them very well. He is losing weight-- which is expected, but just pray for him to start gaining soon. He was so tiny to start with we don't want him losing much.

They have told Rachael and Justin not to be surprised if he gets tired and has to go back on the vent to rest. We don't want him to have to work too hard so they will be watching him very closely.

Breath of life for baby Jimmie! Praise God. We are so very proud of you Jimmie. You are doing so good.



  1. Praise the Lord!!! That's wonderful!!!

    We love you all!!

    Adrian and Janelle

  2. Fantastic news today - YES "GO JIMMIE GO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for YOU, JIMMIE, here at Kovac's house all the time and checking on the updates every single day! Amber - THANK YOU for all that you do! Rachel, Justin - you are in my prayers every day since day one!You are amazing parents to Jimmie already!!! Keep trusting OUR LORD! Love, Misha and family...

  3. GO JIMMIE GO! We love you and are praying for you everyday. And also we check your updates everyday. You should know that you have very special parents Jimmie. Rachael and Justin we love you too. And know that little Jimmie will be a good child when he growns up and you will be good parents. And Amber thatnks for doing this blog thing.

    Apri land Shannon O'Kelley