Monday, February 2, 2009

The First Shot

So today was the first steroid shot for little Jimmie! Rachael said it made her leg ache a bit, but other than that, no complications. They will give her the other shot tomorrow. These shots are to help Jimmie's lungs develop surfactant, which helps the breathing process, and usually doesn't begin developing on it's own so early. The steroids also encourage the laying down of fat on the baby, which is very important for regulating body temperature and heart rate. The steroids will make a huge difference, so praise God that we have gotten to this point!!! I think we can all breathe just a bit easier since Rachael has started receiving these shots.
She had an uneventful night as well, no crampiness, which is a blessing. Keep praying for many more good nights to come!
Also, the doctors have told her they will start doing non stress tests starting Thursday. This involves hooking up the monitors and monitoring Jimmy's heart rate in correlation to his movements. They want to make sure he is doing well. Every time they have had Rachael hooked up so far, he has looked wonderful.
The doctors say they will be doing this for an hour every day, but that could possibly change.
So, all in all, a very good day. I will update you all again tomorrow.


  1. Thank you, Jetty! Great job! Amber is doing a great job, too. Rachael, I am so thankful that we have come this far! Hallelujah!!! Someday (but not too soon) we will all be dancing and leaping and praising God for the birth of a very healthy baby!
    Ma to baby Jimmy
    Mom to Rachael
    Aka Andrea

  2. Thanks Jet for standing in the gap! It's great to get good news!
    Love you all!