Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jimmie The Genius

So today Dr. Finnley commented- just like the nurse-- about how great Jimmie looks on the monitors. He said, "He just does not look like a 24 weeker!" Rach asked, "What does he look like?" The doctor laughed and said, "Well-- at least a 25 weeker!" He went on to explain that usually 24 weekers look more like a straight line on the monitor and Jimmie has a lot of great accelerations (ups and downs). This is very encouraging to hear, it means Jimmie could be strong for his gestational age and given the situation that is a very good thing.

This reminds me a bit of my son Cole. I had some difficulties in my pregnancy with him and he was monitored from pretty early on quite frequently. The doctors always commented how great he looked. My water broke early at 35 weeks. He was born screaming. The NICU was in the room, but took one look at him and said he's fine! The two days we were at the hospital everybody kept commenting about how he did not act like a 35 weeker and that he could teach the 40 weekers a thing or two. (-:

So I think Jimmie is ahead of the game! He's in a special class for genius babies who are ahead of their age group in development! LOL! And hopefully Rachael can carry him until at least 35 weeks! That would be so miraculous!

Rachael slept a bit better last night and hasn't been as crampy today.

Thank you for those powerful prayers. Keep them coming . . . We have a long way to go.


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  1. Wow, it's so great to hear about Jimmie! He'll be running circles around the little ballerinas in your studio before you know it! Keep on keeping on! Thanks Amber for being so good at keeping us up to date. We're keeping with the prayer for you all!
    The Salmonds (Lily, ballet 1)