Friday, February 27, 2009

Okay Day

Jimmie has been okay the rest of the day. His skin and his blood gasses have improved on the high flow. He's been digesting full feedings and he's pooped today on his own.

They x-rayed his lungs and said they are a little hazy. They think from his time on the low flow cannula. They took his white blood cell count and it's normal. They are giving him a diuretic to clear the haze from his lungs. Pray this works quickly because the diuretic is not going to help his sodium issue. They are checking his electrolytes every morning. He has not really been gaining weight and the doctor suspects this is from the low sodium.

Rachael held him this afternoon. She said this morning he acted a little lethargic, but this afternoon he seemed better.

Maybe this morning he was worn out from trying so hard on the low flow cannula. They moved him on to that because of his nose, not neccesarrily because they thought he was totally ready. The doctor said they would probably try again, but switch him back and forth. To slowly build his strength for it and to give his nose a break.

So keep praying for his little body to stay healthy! Bowel, lungs and brain.

Strength of God, breath of life, holy health for baby Jimmie in Jesus' name!


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