Sunday, February 15, 2009

Practical Details

Jimmie had another good day yesterday. His blood gasses were looking better and he was starting to work on taking more breaths again in the afternoon. He is tolerating his feedings well and is receiving them every 6 hours. They have been able to turn him on his side and stomach some to help him better digest the milk.

The NICU has warned us there will be many ups and downs that we need to be prepared for- good days and bad days. Well so far the 3 days since Jimmie was born have all been good days! Praise God! Justin has said that the first bad day Jimmie has will be the worst day of his life. Pray for Rachael and Justin to be able to live in the moment rejoicing the good and to be able to have grace and peace for days when it’s more of a struggle. I think/hope the fact that Jimmie has done so well at the outset is pretty promising for his overall prognosis. We have been told there can be a so called “honeymoon period” where the babies do better at first and then struggle a bit . . . We’ll see . . . I have so much hope that Jimmie’s gonna blow everybody away with how well he does!

Some other things for you all to pray about. The NICU has very strict policies about visitors you have to wash for 3 minutes, fill out papers etc… They are very concerned about MRSA- (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). This is a bacteria that is called a "super bug" because the associated infections are resistant to many common antibiotics. Because Justin is a health care worker/firefighter he had to be tested. I believe he got to touch Jimmie with his bare hand for the first time yesterday because- thankfully- his test came back negative. It’s been hard because he has had to wear gloves and a gown whenever he is in the NICU. Grandpa Rod (Justin’s dad) is also a firefighter and has to be tested. Grandma Cathy (Justin’s mom) had MRSA last year and is still waiting on the results of her test and in the meantime is not allowed in the NICU. There is some conflicting information about what happens if her test is positive. She had it not too long ago and was successfully treated, but sometimes having had it can cause you to test positive. Anyway-- as you can imagine it is heart breaking for Cathy to not get to visit Jimmie so pray all of those details are worked out positively and quickly.

Rachael and Justin were allowed to pick 4 people who can go in the NICU anytime day or night without them present to be with Jimmie. They picked the Grandparents- Rod and Cathy- Jay and Andrea. So just pray for them along with Rachael and Justin to stay healthy and strong and full of grace.

As far as other visitors. I think the policy is one at time and Rachael or Justin has to be present. Of course absolutely no one with any type of flu or cold symptom should go in the NICU. And children under 14 years old are never allowed unless they are siblings of the baby. So my kids will not get to meet their cousin until he comes home. I have not gotten to see Jimmie since the night he was born because I’m sick.

I do not believe Rachael and Justin are in the state to widely accept and escort visitors to see their son right now. They are both overwhelmed and exhausted. I’m sure you all- close family and friends- understand. We are working on getting some pictures of sweet Jimmie and as soon as I can- I will post them. Justin is thrilled with his son. Jimmie looks just like him.

There are all of the details of normal life that don’t stop. Finances, insurance issues, Justin’s 24 hour shifts at work etc… The paper work and details and money that go along with this kind of situation- a month of hospital bedrest, emergency surgical procedure on Rachael and a long stay in the NICU is beyond overwhelming. I don’t know specifics I just know it all has to be worked out.

I will try and post another update sometime this evening about Jimmie’s day and how he’s doing.

Thank you for your powerful prayers! Jimmie and his family really need them!



  1. Dear Amber,Rachael,Justin, Jimmie and ect.
    This is some great news. It is so wonderful to hear that Jimmie is doing great. Rachael and justin. I hope you get some rest. We wish the best for you and your baby Jimmie.

    Love you guys always,
    April and Shannon O'Kelley

  2. Every single post causes me to offer up praise for God's faithfulness and love to your family. What a story you will have to share with Jimmie when he is a bit older! We continue to pray for all of you, especially precious Jimmie.

    With love,
    Jennifer and Hannah