Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jimmie Live Action

So we have a treat for you all tonight. My dad has been taking video clips of our little man. The one below features him opening his eyes and yawning. You can also hear him making little noises. (-: I hope everyone's computer lets them watch it. That is the nurses hands and my dad's voice.

Rachael went home to Odessa this morning for the first time since this whole thing started (Jan. 12th). She went home to drop stuff off and pack some things for the next few months they will be staying near the hospital. Justin went with her. I'm sure it was good to be home for just a few hours, but the day they get to take Jimmie home will be so amazing.

Rachael called this morning and said after Jimmie's early morning feeding they found 5cc's left in his belly. So they only gave him half of his next feeding. She's a bit worried about this. He really needs to tolerate his feedings at this point so he can gain weight. That's his whole job right now is to eat, poop and grow. Pray for these things. With the evenings update the news on this is much better. He had a full feeding around the noon hour and digested it all. And his belly looks better. It was a bit distended yesterday. Rachael said he is having a better day for sure! She held him for 2 hours this afternoon.

He has been moved to the low flow nasal cannula and is like at 40% to 50% oxygen. So what a trooper! After they ween his flow down on this- the next step is- NOTHING, no support at all! It may take quite a bit longer for that to happen though. In fact a lot of babies born as early as Jimmie go home on oxygen. We'll see . . . (-: This cannula will hopefully be more comfortable for his little nose.

I heard two neat stories today related to NICU nurses talking about our Jimmie.

A mom to one of my little ballet students told me today they know someone with a baby in the NICU at Overland Park Regional and they found out this baby's nurse was talking on and on about this little 25 weeker boy and how awesome he was doing. They suddenly realized that nurse was talking about Jimmie! (-: So awesome!

And mom told me today one of Jimmie's nurses is pregnant and mom asked her some questions regarding that. She shared with mom it was her first pregnancy and that after working in the NICU it was really scary to get pregnant- knowing and seeing so much. She said sometimes she feels so sad and discouraged about what these babies go through. Then she said that taking care of Jimmie and seeing how amazing he is doing has really lifted her heart and given her new hope! It's amazing to me how God's love and power is manifesting through such a tiny little boy and touching so many people.

We are so grateful for your support and prayers!



  1. Oh my goodness! What an adorable little guy! Go Jimmie go! I'm so ecstatic that he is doing so well. We still have lots of people praying!
    Love you, Aunt Leanne

  2. How sweet! Thanks for the video. It's amazing how God is using you all to touch so many people.

    Love you guys!!

    Adrian and Janelle

  3. I think after watching my awesome fantastic Great Nephews video about 20 times now, I might need to go on to do other things. But he is so very amazing!
    Love you Uncle Lin and Aunt Suzy

  4. For once, I am at a loss for words. He is so beautiful, Rachael :)

    With love and continued prayers,
    Jennifer and Hannah