Friday, February 27, 2009

Setback- Prayers Please

Rachael asked me to post this morning's update so people checking can pray for specifics throughout the day. Jimmie has had a little setback. His skin was kind of mottled and his blood gasses were low this morning. So they've put him back on the high flow nasal cannula- the one that's hurting his nose. )-:

His belly is a bit distended again so they did an x-ray of his abdomen. They didn't see anything alarming so that's good, but his nurse just didn't have a great feeling about how he was doing this morning.

Also they found out kind of by accident that his sodium levels are low. They are going to add something to Rachael's milk to try to help with that.

Rach said Jimmie having a bit of trouble was kind of the icing on the cake (bad cake) this morning in the NICU. Two other babies have had a VERY bad morning (1 coded and 1 is having brain issues) and the nurses were kind of down. Like-- oh no-- not Jimmie, he's been our mainstay- kind of sentiment. I think though-- that Jimmie's setback is hopefully just a small bump in what has been an amazing totally forward moving journey so far.

So pray for Jimmie that his bowel stays healthy and works well and that his nose is protected while he's on the high flow and that he can quickly move back to the low flow. Pray that his sodium issue is fixed. And just for his overall health and strength.

Also as you pray for Rachael and Justin pray for the NICU in general as well (Those two babes I mentioned). For everyones spirits. Pray for them to think positively and have hope. And pray for the medical staff for their discernment and wisdom. Being in the NICU day in and day out is really hard on the parents- of course, but even the medical staff.

We love you Jimmie. Stay strong little man!!

Since I'm sure you all enjoyed that video I'll post another one. (-:

This is a battle-- lets ramp up our efforts! Pray without ceasing!

Thank you so much!



  1. Poor little guy. We're continuing to pray for everybody!

    Thanks for another video!

    Love you,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. I had my twins at 23w4d and it all brings back so many memories--they are 3 now and I thought I'd never forget the sounds of the NICU. I keep Jimmie in my thoughts and prayers all the time.
    If you ever think a happy, though long, story will help, go to my twins' blog at I don't update much these days, but the beginning is all there.

    God Bless your precious Jimmie.


  3. I'm behind looking at the update today, but I was encouraged at how God works. We pray daily before each meal for "Baby Jimmie"--and even imagine out loud what it will be like when he's big and strong and we think back to calling him "Baby Jimmie." This morning as I was getting ready before breakfast, Camille came in and told me we needed to pray immediately for him as she dropped to her knees. This is unusual for her, but she was absolutely serious. I'm now seeing it as a reminder of how the Holy Spirit works as I look at the update requesting prayer this morning.
    We love you all and will continue praying.

  4. Very cute video

    April O'Kelley