Monday, February 9, 2009

Keep Baking Jimmie

Rachael had a small amount of spotting this morning and it really upset her. However it doesn't seem to have continued so she's feeling a bit better. Just keep praying because if Jimmie were to come out now it would be very dangerous. We are so happy that he is viable, but I think-- I've seen statistics for 24 weeks at 50/50. We do not want to hear those odds quoted at us. 28 weeks is a much better scenario. Most babies if born healthy at that gestation have very few long term effects and do pretty well.

Rachael has a level 2 ultrasound tomorrow to check on Jimmie's growth. She has to take a wheel chair ride. She does not sit up for any length of time-- so she didn't sound real happy about this. The nurse said that's just the way it is though. So I told her she might as well enjoy it then! (-:

Thank you for your prayers!! Jimmie needs to keep baking.



  1. I am definely still praying, often. I thought of you, Rachel, today. In my devitions it again was talking of the waiting on God, and God's ability to see us through things that we do not think we can being in the hospital bed for a lengthly ammount of time. They talked about God gives us what we need each day for that day. Of course we would like the abundant supply for the long haul but His plan is different. Like Manna He wants us to take what he offers to us for that day and trust there will be more for tomorrow. I to am taking some things day by day and trusting God for each day. I hope this encourages you. Blessings. Love you. Anita

  2. I just went through a similar situation...please take less "privliges" that what the doctors will allow. Don't take the wheelchair ride for another few weeks, don't take a shower, don't get up. You WILL make it through. I made it 67 days on bed rest in the hospital and had my baby at 34 weeks. YOU WILL DO IT!!!