Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jimmie The Fighter

So this little tiny boy is really strong. Rachael called me a little bit ago. She said he was having a good day. His white blood cell count was lower again, he's on room air, his blood gasses look good, he's breathing over the vent and they've bumped his feedings to every 3 hours. The nurse practitioner in the NICU told her that he would -for sure- be off the vent and on cpap if he were bigger. WOW go Jimmie go! We are so proud of you. He has a really long road ahead of him with lots of battles, but he is really doing well to start.

So keep those prayers coming. For Rachael too- she is really struggling physically. After a month of extreme hospital bedrest, labor and delivery and pumping every 3 hours. The trips back and forth to the NICU and even the walk from Jimmie's room to the NICU parents room where she can get a snack and a drink is totally too much for her. She's exhausted by just sitting up. She feels like she's doing the absolute minimum as Jimmie's mother and that is even too much. She needs wisdom and grace to take care of herself and maybe not be in the NICU as much, but that is really hard.

Father help Rachael to recover physically from every thing she's been through quickly- so she can fall into a comfortable routine with Jimmie and Justin. Be with Jimmie- Lord- build his strength, make him healthy, protect every part of his body. Thank you for your blessings already in his progress. Amen!

My kids- Cole and McKenna now pray out loud with me- Strength of God, Holy health, breath of Life for baby Jimmie in Jesus name- SO BE IT! (-:

We are so very grateful for your prayers. I have had so many people tell me how much they are praying, even up in the night interceding for Jimmie and Rachael and Justin. Family and friends- of course, but even friends from our past and acquaintances, our ballet students and their families, Rachael and Justin's church and many other churches. Also the people we don't know that have found this blog in various ways from all around the states and even all around the world. We are so humbled and blessed by you all. God is shining through your love and prayers. Thank you.



  1. Rachael,
    What GREAT news!
    We are so happy for your family!!
    We are still praying daily that Jimmie gets healthy and strong and gets to go home soon with you and Justin.
    Blessings, Cassie,Alyssa & Alexiya

  2. Such great news! I've been saying lots of prayers for Jimmie. My little guy was born at 28 weeks after I was on bedrest 4 mo. (one mo. of it in the hospital) Rachael will get stronger soon, it just takes awhile to build those muscles back up. Hang in there! - Mary

  3. We love you Rach, Justin and Jimmie! We serve such a GRAND God. He is faithful. We just keep praying for that healing balm to be poured out and we pray for creative miracles to keep on, keep on.

  4. She is in my thoughts and prayers. I was in the hospital for a month and a half before having my daughter at 35 weeks and I was so weak after, I was exhausted brushing my hair.

    It will get better soon just like her little baby will be out of the NICU soon!

    Gina aka Ovadue