Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keep Going Little Man

Jimmie gained an ounce! 1 pound 9 ounces now. Keep going little man!

Rachael said he's having a few more bradys (Brachycardia) recently. This is when his heart rate drops below 80 beats a minute. Most of the time Jimmie brings it right back up on his own, but today he had one that Rach said seemed longer and a nurse had to come in and help him bring it back up. They are saying this is pretty normal. He is getting a full belly now with his feedings and it seems to happen after that. They told Rach his belly can push up on his diaphragm/lungs a bit and cause his heart rate to drop. Anyway-- it's a little scary when this happens and- of course, we'd rather it didn't. So lets keep praying for Jimmie's heart and lungs to become totally strong and healthy.

They are going to take the pic line out tomorrow. This is good news because it means they feel he's not going to need it! And as Rachael says, "One less wire."

Rachael is holding him everyday. She says they have to be careful though because he can really only take one stimulation at time. Like if she's holding him it needs stay really calm and quiet in his room. He often gets the hiccups when he's overstimulated. (-:

Keep praying for Jimmie- he has such a long way to go . . .


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  1. Great going Jimmie and Rachel! Sounds like he's doing well. He looks like such a little man! How cute! We hope you can get into a routine soon and both get stronger!

    Sheila (Lily, ballet 1)