Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Small Troubles

Dad was trying to get pictures of Jimmie's eyes open today and while he was doing that the nurse said-- why don't you stick your hand in there so you can see how small he is in the picture. This was a surprising to dad because nobody is supposed to touch/put their hands in Jimmie's isolette except Rachael and Justin. He was glad to do this though and Jimmie grabbed his finger! Mom is jealous! (-: Probably Rod and Kathy are too. (-: What a precious picture though. You can see his eyes are open!

Rachael feels that Jimmie had a bit of a rough day. He was not finding a happy place with his oxygen- this morning and afternoon. He kept having high stats so they turned it down from 40% and at one point he was at 28%, but seemed to just be a bit unstable in both directions.

His nasal cannula is pushing up on his septum in his nose and it looks kind of red and irritated. His nurse was not happy about that. She turned his flow down from 2 liters a minute to 1 and a 1/2 and said if they can keep him stable there-- they might try him on the other low flow nasal cannula because it's a bit different in shape and may be better for his nose. She also tried to tape it in a way that might help, but Rach says it still looks uncomfortable.

He needed to have a bowel movement all day. Rach said you could see a bit of a buldge in his bowel. It's not hard or anything, but it does need to clear out. That could be why he was acting uncomfortable.

So tonight when they fed him he stats dropped too low and the nurse had to pretty much keep up constant stimulation to keep his heart rate up to an acceptable level. She ended up deciding he really just needed to have that bowel movement and somehow (I can't recall how) caused him to have one. That definitely seemed to help and he seemed to be doing better when Rachael left the hospital this evening. The nurse is hoping he'll have another big poopy on his own tonight. Lets pray for that because they seem to think that's most likely why he was a bit uncomfortable and unsettled today.

Justin held him this morning, but Rachael's intuition was this afternoon he just needed to really take it easy. So she didn't hold him.

So this day was not given a "bad day" label by the nurses. But Rachael just felt it was for Jimmie. We are grateful that so far this is a bad day because-- it's not really that bad, compared to what some little ones like him go through.

Just keep praying . . . Pray that his bowel moves well and stays healthy, that his nose heals and feels better, that he can move to the other cannula. Pray his heart and lungs continue to grow to be strong and healthy. And pray that his brain stays safe.

Thank you- all of our prayer warriors!



  1. I'm sure Rachael can tell how he's feeling way better than the nurses can. Poor little guy. He's gorgeous! I love seeing his eyes!!

    We'll continue to pray for you all. We love and miss you!

    Adrian and Janelle

  2. We are praying, Rachael! He looks so sweet with his eyes open, grasping your dad's finger. Jimmie has come such a long way in this journey! I praise and thank God every day for the grace and blessings that He is pouring out on your family. I am so glad to be in this praying community :)

    With love,
    Jennifer and Hannah

  3. Rachael,
    We are praying daily for your precious little guy!
    Blessings, Cassie, Alyssa & Alexiya

  4. Rachael!
    He is so so cute. I love seeing his eyes open with not much as far as bells and whistles and wires around him so I can see. His hair! I love him so!! This is the first pic I could really tell how incredibly small he is with Pappy's finger next to him. I just want to give him a big squeeze and tell him to hang on tight. I know it will be a long time, but can't wait for him to be well enough so I can meet him. He's such a miracle, and you're a wonderful mom Rach! We send so much love your way and pray so much for you all, your sweet little family. If you need anything keep me on your list of contacts for help or rescue!!
    Love, Natalie, Josh, Eli, Dave, and Squishy!!

  5. Your Pa is a lucky one to get a finger squeeze! I love you immensely and am praying as always (I actually have a prayer group tonight so this eve there will be plenty of prayers going up from the Vancouver area)....somehow Mighty Wind started playing on my computer today through my itunes, made me smile! I love you,