Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jimmie's Voice

Above- Jimmie hanging out with his Rottweiler puppy given to him by his Great Aunt Suzy. (-:

Jimmie is now up to 10ml which they are now saying is a full feeding as long as he has the pic line in and is receiving a little bit of i.v. nourishment. And they have to keep a little bit going through the pic line if they want to keep it usable. Rachael said they were not quite ready to take it out yet. That's understandable-- they had to sedate him to get it in and they were very happy with it's placement So they will keep it in for a little while yet just in case he ends up needing it and he'll stop at 10ml for the time being. He's done a really great job tolerating his feedings!

Rachael said he's becoming pretty vocal. He lets everybody know when he's poopy. He hates it! He starts squirming around and fussing. He gets all worked up and his sat (oxygen saturation) levels decrease because he's kicking and moving and messing up the readings. LOL! The nurses continue to exclaim about his voice. Rachael says he sounds like a squeaky door. (-:

He is getting stronger. He can now turn his head from side to side and twist around his body a bit. Go Jimmie go!

They turned the pressure down in his cannula from 2 and 1/2 liters per minute to 2 liters a minute. Consequently they had to turn his oxygen up a bit, but he's doing well!

Some of us in the family have read some blogs on the internet about babies born around the same time as Jimmie. It is really drastic and startling to compare how well Jimmie is doing. It is really miraculous.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers!


P.S. I was just now told I've been spelling Justin's mom's name wrong. It's "Kathy"! With a "K" not a "C". How embarrasing. I should have known. Somebody should have told me!! (-:


  1. That is just wonderful news! You should take Jimmie's picture next to that puppy every month. We did that with my daughter who was smaller than her beloved bunny when we started taking her picture next to it at 2 weeks old. We did it every month for the first year and then got her 2 year picture taken with it. It's so amazing to look back and see how tiny she was! One of our NICU nurses suggested doing that and we're so glad we did. Just a thought! Continuing to lift your family up in prayer.

    Allison Dull

  2. he looks stronger every time i see a new picture of him! he is definitely a miracle baby! i can't wait to meet may hopefully!

  3. Go Jimmie, go Jimmie (this is accompanied by a little dance....can't you just imagine it? Hee hee). Love you all and prayers continue,
    Auntie Canada :)