Monday, February 16, 2009


Rachael called and said she really wanted everyone to pray because they were going to try taking Jimmie off the ventilator later this afternoon. Now this is really great because it means he is doing so well, but it also scary. They've warned her there could be drops on his heart rate and respiration (apnea episodes)where they would have to stimulate him to improve it. One of the ways is with caffeine. You can read an article about that at this link: (Um Dave's gonna have to help me link this later, but it's an article through Washington Post titled- "Caffeine Therapy Boosts Preemies' Outcomes".)

So far Jimmie has been so stable they really have not had any scary moments so Rachael and Justin are nervous. He will be having some sort of nasal cannula, but Rachael wasn't exactly sure what. Maybe the cpap, but they had been saying he was a bit small for that. So anyway-- later when I have more information. I'll post again.

Just pray for Jimmie today to be brave and strong and that his heart rate and respiration would remain stable. It's not uncommon for them to try this and then have to re-intubate and use the ventilator again. We'd love for Jimmie to go off and stay off-- of course!!!

Thank you for praying!



  1. Just wanted to let you know we are praying here in VA.

  2. Hi Rachel! We have been praying for all of you and are so thankful for how well Jimmie is doing! I pray for you to stay strong and keep trusting in the Lord. Your faith and trust in Him have been so encouraging! Thank you!! Maddy misses seeing you at dance (this is Maddy Ward's Mom), but that only increases our prayers! We love you - stay strong in the Lord!