Monday, February 23, 2009

More Miracles

Jimmie has grown an inch and a quarter. He is now 13 and 1/4 inches long and his head circumference grew too. (I can't remember what measurement Rach told me)

The pic line is out and he is now receiving all of his nourishment from Rachael's milk down a tube into his belly.

The newest miracle- Rachael was told today that Jimmie is pretty much out of the woods for that heart murmur (PDA). Nobody has heard anything suspicious and he has no signs or symptoms. So once again Jimmie is extremely rare in a really great way. They told Rach if his body were to be really stressed by an infection or some other way he was still at risk for it popping open, but so far so very good! The nurse today called him a rockstar. Rachael said, " I feel really blessed!" And the nurse exclaimed, "YOU SHOULD!" (-:

Mom said while she was there today one side of Jimmie's nasal cannula slipped out of his nose. His alarms went off, but his stats really didn't drop that much. What a strong little man.

Rachael said he's still having bradys after he eats. The nurses keep telling her this is so typical. But it's still bugging her. Rach expressed it's probably because she's spoiled with how atypical he is.

The fun news of the day is ONE of Jimmie's eyes is trying to open. LOL! It's open like a slit. He's going to look like a pirate.

Keep praying, we are so thankful for these miracles!


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