Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daddy And His Superstar

Daddy got his turn today. Justin held Jimmie for the first time this morning for 2 hours. Daddy and baby were very happy about it. They had to put Jimmie back in his isolette for a feeding. When they put him down he was all squirmy and started making little fussy sounds. Perhaps he wanted to stay with Daddy? (-: His nurse made the comment then that she’s not use to a little one like Jimmie having a voice. I thought that was so powerful. Jimmie has a voice! Most in his situation do not. This brings tears to my eyes.

Below- Justin and Jimmie sleeping! (-:

This is part of an email my mom sent me:

“I spent about 5 hours in the nicu today. Jimmie's nurse had a student shadowing her today. So I got to hear the nurse wax eloquent on how well he is doing. She said this is a very atypical 25 weeker. Normally, he would be on a vent or at least the cpap. She also mentioned how hardy his skin is. She would question his gestation except for the fact that his eyes are fused shut. She said he was a super star, for sure! Rachael asked, "Well was he acting more like a 28 weeker, then?" And the nurse said yes, you could say that! I just love hearing stuff like that!!!! They turned down the pressure today on his air flow. Still doing great.

As far as the feedings go, Rach asked for prayer for little Jimmie. He had a little residual in his tummy this afternoon, so the next increase didn't happen, but they didn't decrease it either.

As far as Rachael goes, she could use prayer concerning lactational issues. Most moms will know what I mean! She is very sore, engorged, etc...The pump is merciless. “

Mom (Andrea)

My mom had a dream last night Jimmie opened his eyes. We are all excited for that day. We can’t wait to see what he looks like with his eyes open and for him to start seeing his family’s faces. They tell us the timing on that is not predictable.

So far there is no sign that the PDA valve (Patent ductus arteriosus) in Jimmie’s heart is a problem. No sounds, no symptoms that it is stuck open. This is a good sign. I’m not sure when we’ll know for sure, but it’s certainly looking good. The doctors told Rachael and Justin it is very rare this is not a problem, but we are already seeing that Jimmie is very rare in miraculous wonderful ways!

Dr. Ridgeway said the testing on the placental tissue could take up to 10 days and I’m not sure when they sent it in. But I thinking we should hear about that soon.

As always- thank you so much for your prayers!


P.S. Just thought I'd add that Rachael is totally sure about her dates concerning Jimmie's gestational age. In fact he's actually a couple of days younger than the pregnancy wheel the doctor's use put him. In other words he was actually born more at 24 and 1/2 weeks than one day before 25 weeks. (-: The way he's acting is truly miraculous!


  1. Praise God! What a blessing! I love seeing the "baby" of our family holding his baby. What a joy! We love you all so very, very much! Give that baby a kiss for us.

    Love you,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. WooHoo and Praise God....still a-prayin'! Love ya oodles, :)Amy-Loo(:

  3. Amber...thank you sooo much for keeping us posted. The pictures and detailed updates bless me beyond measure and fill my heart with joy. Jimmy and all of you qyes are treasures.
    Love Elektra

  4. I hope that when jimmie comes home, that at the celebration, you let me bring a bunch of bbq. i am so happy that he is doing well, and every day seems to be more positive news. Your son is in my prayers

    Chris w

  5. Rachel, Justin and Jimmy
    Wow, I've never seen anything like this.
    I am so thankful to be part of this.
    Isn't the computer a wonderful tool.
    I will certainly keep your family in my prayers.
    We are used to seeing full grown babies but to see one so small is very humbling and certainly puts things in perspective.
    The best to you all and God bless.
    Aunt Lynne